Google changed the name of AMP Stories to Web Stories (photo:Google Web Stories)

Make money with Web Stories? Google launches native ads function

Google’s multimedia story-telling format, Web Stories, is still not as popular as expected on the web. Google has changed its name from AMP Stories to Web Stories and promoted it harder than before. As a result, Web Stories has gradually gained a relatively faster growth rate.

With more and more Web Stories published online, the problem of how to make money from them has become prominent. The potential of monetization will decide whether it will evolve to be a widely used web product to replace old-school web magazines or not.

So far, inserting pictures and videos is the only way to display advertising in Web Stories. This method normally needs to work on code at the back and it lacks viewer’s statistics, which is widely required by today’s advertisers.

Now, Google seems to be ready to give Web Stories a big push and it launched an inner advertising function for it. This function will automatically connect to Google’s dominating global ads system, Ad Manage and AdSense. Advertisers can add advertising to Web Stories with a click of mouse.

Google says, this new feature makes it easy for publishers to start earning more from Web Stories. It will be similar to the ads function in other Google’s popular products, ads insert will be very easy. Several lines of code and a customized tag can make the job done.

According to Google’s blog, Web Stories ads will be a full-screen immersive experience, seamlessly integrated to the Web Stories contect. The frequency and position of Story ads is dynamic, optimizing both user experience and monetization potential.

Whether the Web Stories would enter a period of rapid development and finally become a main way of multimedia narration on the open web, the connection to Google’s super profitable ads system will be a decisive factor to it. Only when the Story makers are rewarded by their Web Stories, they will make more of them and more publishers will be interested in participating.

Currently, the ads function of Web Stories is still in Beta stage, but it won’t stop publishers from testing it and starting to monetize their multimedia publications for real money.

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