Art project lets people be part of Bollywood movie poster On Saturday (August 24) artists Tazeen Qayyum and Faisal Anwar will give people a chance to have their photos taken and superimposed onto Bollywood movie posters. Their project ByOb (Bring Your Own Bollywood) was commissioned by the Blackwood Gallery … Continued

The Orchid Ensemble

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They call themselves the Orchid Ensemble. Their music is heavily inspired by Asia, but with touches of western influence blended in. All of the members are conservatory trained in their respective instruments, they perform contemporary compositions created by a number … Continued

The Menzies and China

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The ancient Chinese Oracle Bone collection in the Royal Ontario Museum is the biggest one outside of China. The collector and donator, Dr. James Mellon Menzies, was one of the most important archaeologist / historians with expertise on ancient Chinese … Continued