A calf lies twisted in its crate, weak and unable to move or free its hoof stuck between the slats of the floor boatds.
Photo Credit: Mercy for Animals (Canada)

Activists reveal inhumane conditions at veal factory farm

A Canadian animal rights group has released another disturbing undercover video of a commercial farming operation..
After undercover videos at commercial pig farms and battery egg production, the group sent a member to a commercial veal production operation in the province of Quebec
Krista Osborne is Director of Operations for Mercy for Animals Canada.


In a dairy operation, cows are need to be giving birth to produce the milk. Female calves are kept for the dairy operation, but male calves are not needed.

Directof of MFA operationsk Krista Osborne at the press conference Monday revealing the secretly filmed conditions at the commercial veal operation © Mercy for Animals(Canada)

Instead, they are kept for specialty meat production called veal. They are confined in small cages to limit movement and thus muscle buildup, and are fed a low-iron milk diet. This is meant to keep the subsequent meat both tender and very pale in colour.
In sending one of their Mercy for Animals (Canada) members incognito to work at one of these factory veal farms, the person was able to secretly film both inhumane treatment and conditions for the calves.

video here- warning-graphic images

A spokesman for the company, Delimax of Quebec, says the behaviour was unacceptable but that it was not one of their operations, rather a client-farm it supplied with food and services. A spokesman said the behaviour was isolated and that those responsible left the farm two months ago.

In response, MFA (Canada) says the farm was chosen completely at random and that the practices are almost certainly typical.  In revealing the undercover video, four large supermarket chains have just agreed to change practices for their veal suppliers to eliminate veal cages by 2018.

Canada however has not joined several other international jurisdictions in banning factory veal cage production.

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