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Refugees in Canada: Whether you’re an asylum seeker or a refugee, tell us your story.

In our feature web project Refugees in Canada we turn our spotlight on refugees in Canada.

If you’ve applied for asylum or if you’re a refugee, tell us your story. What country are you from? Why did you leave? How did you arrive in Canada?

Tell us about the process of obtaining refugee status in Canada, how you established your new life in the country and where you are today.

Your stories will be published on Radio Canada International’s website. Your email address won’t appear and you can use a pseudonym when you publish your comments.

Submitted stories will not be edited. The content is the responsibility of the authors and cannot be attributed to Radio Canada International

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21 comments on “Refugees in Canada: Whether you’re an asylum seeker or a refugee, tell us your story.
  1. Avatar Nasir says:

    Please hear my cry and help me

  2. Avatar Nasir says:

    Good Afternoon to the President of Canada and the people of Canada . I’m Nasir from Ghana but now in Italy as refugee.. Honestly ever since I came to Italy they have not been treating me at all . Whenever I need their help don’t attend to me… There is a lot of Racism here I sometimes cry.. This is the reason why I left my country….. I left my country due to gay stuff… I would like to explain it to but it will be hard to write it in English… I would be glad to express why my country to you in my language.. I hope you will understand me and help me to be in Canada to explain the reasons why I left my country… I will be much excited if Canadian President will accept me in his Country.. I want to live a new in Canada and work hard and also pay Pay tax to the country.. I want to live there forever.. I hope there will a way to help me be in Canada.. THANKS MY BEST REGARDS TO THE PRESIDENT OF CANADA AND THE PEOPLE CANADA..GOD BLESS CANADA

  3. Avatar Rahmatulloh says:

    Hello all RCI workers I am asylum seeker from Tajıkıstan I am 27 years old. I arrıved to Turkey because my father was kılled wıthout nonsense ın my home country and when I was seekıng my father no one helped me wıth thıs and when I told about thıs to my government and polıs statıons they asked me that they can not do anythıng. ı feeled myself not protected and my famıly told me to arrıve from here. So I arrıved to Turkey and my aım was to arrıve from Turkey to Canada but here no one helps me. Tıll one year I am not feelıng protected here too… because here ıs bombıng and very bad condıtıons ın workıng places and I work hard for 12 sometımes 14 hours totally what ı get ıt ıs 350 USD ın one month. My famıly waıtıng when ı wıll send them money and when I wıll help them there are no one to help them. Help me please I need help from all Canadıan government and all canadıan cıtızens.

  4. Avatar Pohan says:

    me from Afghanistan me name is pohan me live now here in erupe i’m here for 9 years in europe i have problem here in erupe because here i have not home i have not room i sleep to road to Parck i want asylum seeker for canada i want to safe life in my life if you can help me please i have problem here to europe and to afghanistan i’m need protection please thanks

  5. Avatar Stoney says:

    Im from drcongo and live here in south africa as refugee. I left my country because i was among the wanted youths who did not want to join the army. I m here for 9 years and still cant get refugee status or id. Married to a south african woman with two kids but still strugling . Please help me get to canada with my familly to start a new life

  6. Avatar Yusuf Ali Abukar says:

    I came from Somalia Because for The reason of security, to save my life and family, I was teacher in Mogadishu Capital City of Somalia after Al-shabab Militant Group called and threatened to kill me because I rejected students to join Al-shabab Militants.
    Then I left my country
    Then I decided to leave my country me and my family we crossed our boarder to Kenya at that time Kenya government announced to close camp of refugee not accepting new refugee.
    I felt fears because I can’t go back for my security then somebody assisted me to leave and go other country until I came to South Africa and now south africa not accepted me until now plz assist me

  7. Avatar ali says:

    ali Hassan Hussein I came from Somalia and now I am refugee in south Africa I am single plz I want asylum in Canada plz help me

  8. Avatar yahya says:

    Hello my name is Yahya from Syria I am 20 years married and my wife is pregnant I am a resident in Lebanon six years I do not have anything in Syria and in Lebanon and ask for asylum in Canada and in the fastest was I want to be a citizen of Canada I can not live in Syria, this is because of the loss of my family home I have Palmyra

  9. Avatar Muhammed Yasin says:

    I’m from Iraq. I came to Canada on work permit. It’s due to expire. I don’t want to go back to Iraq. I don’t consider it as my home anymore. I want to settle down here. As of now, A good friend here suggested me to see an immigration lawyer, Max Berger ( to appeal for refuge. I’ve got no other options to extend my stay here. I hope my plea will be heard. There is no one waiting for me back home. Canada is my new home.

  10. Avatar imran paul says:

    We are very married in Thai land no work have 3 kids. In these days army caught pakistani christan and put in pakistan we face lot problem here same like.plz take care pakistan muslims destroy we are here no sleep all the time tention now police came caught all family all the would no bady take we are in problems.we are asylum seeker here in Thai land. Gbu

  11. Avatar Farah says:

    I want asylum seeker for canada
    I am from somalia But live 8n italy tnks

  12. Avatar Husen hasan says:

    O Canada! Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see theerise,
    The True North strong and free! From far and wide,
    I can’t go on sorry
    My names husen hasan from somalia and I caming to canda so plz give me chance to return
    you(canada) are the world
    You (canadians) children
    You(canadians) are the ones make prighter day for us ( refugee)

  13. Avatar iftikhar Ahmed says:

    I need a refugee visa .i am in pakistan.

  14. Avatar Aaliya says:

    I am in trouble my kids also.a man want to destroye my babies future.he is a cruel father.he made 2nd marrige.he is cheater.i hate.

  15. my name is abdi kani adied, I am Somali lives as refugee in wajal, wajal is a border between Ethiopia and Somali land
    Indeed I was quite pleased to hear from you, you really gave me hope.
    Dear sir/ madam, my greatest fear today is a security concern, since I managed to escape from that call by alshabab to become jihadist , it is for sure that I have no security in Mogadishu Somalia, where my home is.
    In fact, alshabab is losing territory to the Aminson and Somali national army, yet they are still actively launching a hit and run operations everywhere in Somalia and there is no guarantee for my safety.
    Here in wajale, I have no job, no rights, no shelter and no future what so ever,
    Dear Sir, I do have every reason to have mercy from a reputed mankind who respects human rights like you and your foundation.
    I would like to hear from you again.

  16. Avatar Muhammad abid says:

    My name is Muhammad abid from Pakistan.few months ago I asked my uncle to give me my mom’s property u keep it.he said I’m not gonna give u any property Caz your mom already passed away from her father.then I file case against him in court to get my property.I got stay from court to stop selling my property.but he is using money to transfer property.after file case in court now he is trying an force me to stop this case an get back.he says abid if u can get this property get it from me.I will kill u.or I will involve u in a fake crime case an will put u jail.he knows that I don’t have anyone to support me an show him eyes.uncle will give money to the gang an might kill me.Caz my mom an dad r already died.idk wat to do?but today I saw this web an thought to tell my story here.I hope the Canadian govt would help me an will have mercy for me to help me to get to Canada an start a new life.I want to sell my property as soon as possible.Caz even after wining the case he won’t spare me.he will must kill me.sir this is not a fake story its a real an 100% true.I have all the proof news ad court papers & property documents with full details.I really need help.plz save my life an help me to come there.thank u

  17. Avatar Mushtaq Hussain says:

    My name is mushtaq Husain. I am from Pakistan. In Pakistan I am from parachinar. I am belong from shia religion. I want to do something in my life but in Pakistan we are targeted from Taliban they socide on us and so other. They attack on our home and schools and colleges and in Pakistan I am in danger I want to safe life and to do some thing in my life. Please help me

  18. Avatar Maeve damico says:

    In 2007 I received an ‘Artist in the Community’ Canada Council Grant, enabling me to work with five Immigrant women, two from Colombia, one Congo, one from China and one from the Middle East. From our work together, developing language and their personal stories, we created a One Act Play ‘Journeys’, that was performed by the women publicly. I have since gone on to further develop the play based on these stories and experiences of the women and to give public readings myself for various audiences i.e. Amnesty International. The women’s names have been changed to respect their privacy. At a reading I gave last evening, one of the audience members gave me your link and suggested you may be interested in ‘Journeys’ as a radio play.
    Thank you for your consideration of this project,
    Maeve Damico

  19. Avatar mostafa abdelazim says:

    thanks god, because you create canada on our earth.

  20. Avatar mostafa abdelazim says:

    In fact i do not know whether i am refugee or not, but what i know that since my childhood i fond of canada and when i was opening the atlas at moment my eyes go out to canada map , till now i can not achieve my dream, i feel grief at every second here at egypt and nobody hear me like alone on planet , my dream to land canadian land , to breathe canadian dew , canada require strict conditions to move their like bride ask for very very high dowry from bridegroom but love is not required , i love canada so much and i am loyal to canada till my death even if i stayed here at egypt god bless canada.