Aerial photographer and artist Louis Helbig has been photographing the oil/tar sands of the Canadian province of Alberta for six years. The photos will now be available in a book called 'Beautiful Destruction'.
Photo Credit: Beautiful Destruction/Louis Helbig

‘Beautiful Destruction’ artist/photographer Louis Helbig’s aerial photos of oil/tar sands

For the past six years photographer and artist Louis Helbig has been photographing one of the world’s most controversial and largest industrial projects on earth, the oil/tar sands mining operation in the western Canadian province of Alberta.

Shot from his airplane, the photographs not only document the vastness of the operations, but sometimes almost seem abstract , as in his photo “Rainbow Lava”.

After a number of exhibitions of the photographs, Helbig is now about to publish 200 of these photos, along with articles by supporters and opponents of the bitumen sands project in a book called “Beautiful Destruction”.

RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Louis Helbig about the book, and the decision six years ago to start this photo project.


More information:
Beautiful Destruction website –

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