Drones- fun, useful, intrusive. From large government surveillance drones, to tiny spy drones that look like birds, the technology is developing at at a lightning pace. The Age of the Drones looks at several aspects of a technology that, for better or worse, is changing our world.
Photo Credit: ZOOT Pictures

Documentary film: Age of the Drones

In a  follow-up to their earlier documentary “Remote Control War”,  film about the military use of drones, Winnipeg filmmakers Leif Kaldor & Leslea Mair of Zoot Pictures now turn to civilian and government non-military applications of drones in the new film “Age of the Drones”

Small personal drones are being used in many fun ways, but can also be used by less scrupulous people to peer into previously inaccesible areas © Zoot Pictures

The doumentary looks at exponential development and use of small domestic drones.

Leif Kaldor co-founder Zoot Pictures

While science is creating drones that can do unbelievable things like play catch, fly in formation through incredible manoeuvres, people are using drones for fun and interesting ways like getting birdseye views of their activities.

It also notes that people can use them for intrusive purposes and there’s not much that people can do legally at this point to prevent that.

There is also an even darker side though in regard to an incredibly vast potential for government surveillance of the population

Governments now have th potential to scan in incredible detail, some ten square kilometres of a city, identify and track individuals for hours even days, and record and store video for years. © Zoot Pictures

The documentary airs on the Canadian domestic network CBC, ond the show. Doc Zone – Thursday, Feb. 19.

It has also been licensed to Polish TV and Public Broadcasting in the US.



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