Toronto Blue Jays rejoice after winning the American League East title yesterday, sending them into the play-offs for the first time in 22 years.
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Toronto Blue Jays going to the play-offs!

The Toronto Blue Jays have come a long way this year.  For the first time in 22 years, the team clinched the American League East title on Wednesday. Terry Haig, the former Montreal Expos baseball team broadcaster, says, “You can’t help but fall love with a team like this!”

“Winning, they all say, becomes contagious”

Haig says wise decisions by the Jays General Manager, Alex Anthopoulos, created the conditions for this amazing season.  “He realized that in fact, character is incredibly important, to form a team when you’re playing 162 games in 180 nights, you’ve gotta’ really be together.”


Sports fans in the rest of Canada, who are often united only in their disdain for Toronto, are now joining the excitement and supporting Canada’s only team. “You see games in Seattle where thousands of people in British Columbia go down to watch the Blue Jays play,” It’s the same in Minnesota when the carloads cross the border from Canada’s prairie provinces. And there were a lot of Toronto fans who made the trip to Baltimore for yesterday’s game, hoping they would be there to watch history. They weren’t disappointed.

Now it remains to be seen whether the Jays or the Kansas City Royals will have the best record in the AL, and Toronto’s opponent for the divisional round.

Meanwhile, the team’s marketing department was ready for the post season with a variety of new products proclaiming the Jays champions.

A promotional tweet for the merchandise went out from the @BlueJays account around 8 p.m. Wednesday. By Thursday morning at 11 a.m., most of the new clothing range was sold out in the online store. Fans have waited a long time for this.

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