The Link broadcast carried on the giant overhead screen at the annual immigration expo, where thousands came to seek information about jobs, education opportunities and learn about the various programmes and agencies available to help adapt and integrate into Canada and the province of Quebec. (Leo Geimeno-RCI)

The LINK Online -special- May 31, Jun 1,2, 2019

This week a special edition as the Link was on site on Thursday at the Montreal “Salon de l”Immigration- Immigration Expo” in Montreal (video of show at bottom)

Hosts were Levon and Marc. along with several special guests. (audio version below, video of show at bottom)

Listen Starting us off was Jonathon Chodjai, president of the expo who explains how it has grown and some of the services and opportunities provided at the expo. These include help in preparing resumes (C.V.) adapted to Canadian styles, job opportunities and recruiting, education opportunities and information about the multitude of services to help newcomers understand and navigate the often new and confusing culture, laws, and bureaucracy systems in Canada.

Also as guests and to give some examples of those services and opportunities, Oscar Gonsalez of the Central Quebec School Board ( Commission scolaire Central Quebec)  who spoke about the education opportunities to learn in a bilingual environment in the central Quebec region, and the advantages.

Thousands of visitors came to learn more about integration, jobs, careers, education, and other aids to their new lives in Canada (Leo Gimeno-rCI)

Patricia Grzesiak with the immigrant interconnection programme, developed as an initiative of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce which connects newcomers with career paths and related businesses.

Melissa Medeiros- who accompanied the Eastern Township’s delegation to promote the more relaxed atmosphere of Quebec’s Eastern Townships as a wonderful education, job, and career location outside the province’s two major urban centres of greater Montreal, and Quebec City

and David de Palma of the National Bank, explaining about the workings of the Canadian banking system and the importance for newcomers to understand how banking and credit work in Canada.

This was the 8th addition of the annual Salon de l”immigration, an annual event held at the convention centre in downtown Montreal.

Watch The Link May 30th 2019!

Images of the week

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