Beer sales account for one in every 100 jobs in Canada according to a just released report
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Who knew? Beer facts in Canada

According to a just released report, beer plays a major role in the Canadian economy.

The Conference Board of Canada, a not-for-profit research organization, says one out of every 100 jobs in Canada is supported by beer sales.

Beer sales generate many billions of dollars in revenue, and generate almost 6 billion in taxes alone for various levels of government in Canada © CBC

The report notes that 85% of beer consumed in Canada is produced here and that beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Canada, with 23 million hectoliters consumed on average or roughly 80 litres per capita, representing 45% of all alcoholic beverage sales

It says beer sales generate almost 6 billion dollars in tax revenues for the various levels of governments.

The Conference Board of Canada report is called, “From Farm to Glass: The Value of Beer in Canada,” and it says every dollar that Canadians spend on beer generates $1.12 in the Canadian economy.

In a speech today, John Sleeman, the founder of Sleeman Breweries Ltd. and chair of the industry lobby group Beer Canada, said Canada boasts many natural resources that aid the industry, “Our knowledgeable brewmasters are fortunate to have ready access to the high quality malting barley grown in Western Canada and clean fresh water, two of the four key ingredients in beer,” continued Mr. Sleeman. “Brewers bring water and malt together with hops and yeast to make great beer which engages a value chain that creates jobs, economic wealth and tax revenues for every level of government.”

Across Canada,in 2012, residents in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and the Prairie provinces consumed more beer than the Canadian average; British Columbians consumed the lowest amount. Yukon territory was listed as having the highest per capita consumption with the equivalent of 385 bottles per person, but the report notes that the sales figure is skewed somewhat by seasonal workers and tourists.

Canada’s brewing heritage dates back to 1668.

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