A demonstration in favour of labelling of all GM produce and foods containing GM ingredients. Nature's Path Organic in Canada donated $250,000 to the fight for labelling. Multinational GM firms spent $23 million fighting the Washington State proposal.
Photo Credit: Naturespath.com

Canadian organic food company involved in GMO labelling fight in US

Nature’s Path Organic is a natural food company based in Richmond in the west coast province of British Columbia. The company has donated a quarter of a million dollars to a legal fight in the US.

Washington State voters went to the polls this week to vote on whether the state should require labeling on genetically modified food products.

Nature’s Path owner, Arran Stephens, says that a ‘yes’ vote in Washington would cause a “ripple effect” and ultimately encourage GMO labelling in Canada

On its website the company says about 85 percent of products in grocery stores now contain GM ingredients. It also states, “We firmly believe that you have a Citizen’s right to know what’s in your food and that genetically engineered foods should be clearly labeled so we can all make an informed choice”

Other sources say about 70 percent of processed foods contain GMO’s, such as corn, soy, and sugar beets

Even with the Canadian donation of 250,000 dollars, advocates of GM labelling only raised $8.4 million, which paled in comparison to the approximately 23 million allegedly spent by multinationals like Monsanto, Pepsi, Nestle

Although early polling showed strong support for labelling of GMO products, support dwindled after the massive corporate media campaign.

Early results of the vote indicate it will not pass.

This is not the first time corporate interests have fought labelling of GM products and produce. In 2012, corporate interests spent $45 million to successfully defeat a GM labelling proposition in the state of California.

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