Cooking shows are very popular on TV, but it seems younger Canadians have either less time or less inclination to cook meals from basic ingredients, preferring quicker prepared ingredients and processed foods which are not as healthy
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Canadians losing cooking skills

A new survey by a major supermarket chain has found that younger people are losing cooking skills.

In February of this year some 1,014 online interviews were conducted for Nova Scotia-based Sobeys supermarket chain. It surveyed Canadians between the ages of 18 and 80 years old, representative of the overall population by age, gender and region.

The survey found only 31 percent of the group aged 18-29 felt confident in the kitchen. This compares with 48 percent of the group aged 50 and older.

The national survey also found that part of the declining kitchen skills was due to the fact that a high percentage of Canadians were consuming processed or prepared foods.  Only 18% of respondents prepared at least one meal a day from basic ingredients.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that the majority, over 60 percent, of dietary energy in Canada comes from ultra-processed products. These are known to contain high levels of fat, sugar, sodium and not enough dietary fibre. Regular consumption of these foods  can lead to obesity and chronic diseases.

“The research results are worrisome. We know a lack of confidence in cooking and food skills leads to less time planning and preparing healthy, wholesome meals,” said Cheryl Turnbull-Bruce, Registered Dietitian and Manager of Sobeys’ team of dietitians.

Sobeys Inc.’s research also found that:

  •  When cooking skills are passed down from generation to generation, there’s more enjoyment and collaboration in the kitchen.
  • Canadians who cooked with their parents (57 per cent) are much more likely to love cooking as adults and are more likely to involve others in their own cooking, fuelling a virtuous circle.
  • Two-thirds (67 per cent) of Canadians who say they love to cook also agree that tasty, healthy and cost-effective meals can be planned, prepared and served in a limited time.
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