A 'No Tax on Tampons' petition to remove the federal taxes charged on menstruation products in Canada now has more than 60,000 signatures and a proposed bill put forward in the House of Commons by a member of the Official Opposition.
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Canadian petition to remove taxation on tampons, feminine hygiene products

“According to the Government of Canada all menstrual hygiene products are considered a non-essential item or luxury,” says the ‘No Tax On Tampons‘ petition, and more than 60,000 people think this is wrong.

As Globe and Mail health journalist André Picard pointed out in an article titled “Tax on tampons is sexist and illogical” in Canada “If you buy an eight-pack of Pizza Pockets they will not be taxed. But if you buy a 10-pack of Tampax tampons, they will be. Which is a necessity and which is a luxury? Which one is a health product?”

The petition’s author, Jill Piebiak, points out “we all know that buying tampons, pads, moon/diva cups, or panty liners is not optional. These products are an essential part of a normal, public life for people with periods.” She wants the tax eliminated and for people to “let our elected officials know that you won’t stand for this unfair tax any longer.”

Since 2011, Official Opposition NDP Member of Parliament Irene Mathyssen has tried to get a private member’s bill (C-282) passed that would remove the tax on feminine hygiene products.

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