A new idea is slowly growing. Following the "party" season around Christmas and New Year's, going "dry" for the month of January (Getty Images)

The “dry January” movement

It’s a simple idea. After a period of perhaps heavy alcohol consumption during the Christmas holidays, take one month off and abstain completely from alcohol.

Sue Vandermorris (PhD, C.Psych) says that going dry in January is a good idea because having a small goal like this is manageable.

She is a clinical neuropsychologist at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, a research and teaching hospital.


The idea of going “dry” for a month, Vandermorris says, is not going to change your overall health picture.  The idea is more to show yourself that you can get away from alcohol if and when you so choose.

Sue Vandermorris (PhD, C.Psych) clinical psychologist

There are no definitive studies to show that moderate alcohol consumption can be bad, or as some studies have hinted, that very moderate red wine consumption is beneficial.

She says possibly, a limited wine or alcohol consumption may at best be neutral in terms of health effects, but it is clear that excess alcohol drinking does have both short and long term negative effects.

She notes that alcohol dependency can sneak up on people, and that it is often difficult for themselves to recognise the danger signs.

Vandermorris says, trying to be alcohol free for a month, may help people reassess their relationship with alcohol, and perhaps result in at least a reduction in consumption.

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