Labour and employment law professor David Doorey discusses the impact and perceptions of unionization in Canada
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Why do some workers support weakened labour rights?


Why, if Canadians are concerned by income inequality, are some ready to support policies that actually weaken labour rights? That’s one of the questions York University labour and employment professor David Doorey asks in an article he wrote on his “Law of Work” blog.

Dr. David Doorey

Dr. David Doorey

“If you are a nonunion worker earning less than what a unionized worker earns, a rational response would be to say, ‘Why am I doing the same work for less pay, less job security, and fewer benefits? I should join a union too.’ Some people do think that way. But many people do not, and respond to the better paid unionized workers with hostility.”

In his article he pointed out a number of possible explanations.

RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to professor David Doorey to find out more.

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