Pit bulls and their owners are under legal fire in Montreal. We see three of them in three separate pictures. They are light brown and their ears flop.

Pit bulls and their owners are under legal fire in Montreal.
Photo Credit: cbc.ca

Montreal legal noose tightens on pit bulls and their owners

A legal noose is tightening on pit bulls and their owners in Montreal, as the city prepares to pass a bylaw that animal activists say will be the death sentence for many healthy dogs and puppies.

k sent a Montreal woman to hospital for three days.Two photos: on the left a woman is down on a sidewalk getting bitten on the leg and foot while a man tries top pull the dog away. On the right the scares on the bottom of her foot.
Toe other side of the story. This pit bull attack sent a Montreal woman to hospital for three days. © CBC News

A bylaw, similar to ones adopted in other Canadian cities, is expected to be adopted by city council on Sept 26.

Montreal’s goal is to wait for pit bulls purchased or adopted before September to die, then eventually phase them out completely by baning the purchase of any pit bull after that.

Under the bylaw, current owners will have to register their pet by Jan. 1. 2017 or risk the city seizing the animal.

There are also new strict rules for pit bulls, which will have to be muzzled and on a leash no more than 1.26 metres long when in public and will be not be allowed outside and unleashed unless surrounded by a fence at least two metres high.

The bylaw also creates two categories of dogs, which would not apply only to pit bulls: “at-risk” and “dangerous.”

“At-risk” dogs are those that exhibit aggressive behaviour, such as biting someone.

“Dangerous” dogs are those that have killed someone or are deemed dangerous by an expert.

Under the new rules, once a dog is deemed dangerous, a euthanasia
order will be issued with it.

say their dogs are no more dangerous that others. We see a happy dog with his tongue hanging out looking quite peaceful.
Pit bull owners say their dogs are no more dangerous that others. © cbc.ca

There has been opposition to the ban.

The Montreal SPCA says it doesn’t work.

It also says that since any new adoption of this type of dog from a shelter would be prohibited after Sept. 26, any of the banned dogs that come into their care will have nowhere to go.

Earlier this week, the Quebec Order of Veterinarians said suspect studies have been used to bring about the pit bull ban.

Another organization not happy with the ban is Montreal-based Humane Society International Canada.

Ewa Demianowicz is campaign manager at Humane Society International Canada.

She spoke by phone on Thursday, a day after the the proposed bylaw was presented to the city’s executive committee.

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