Terry Haig
Terry Haig
Terry Haig has been a journalist for over 40 years and a radio host for over 20. He was been with RCI since 1972, playing the role of writer, producer, newsreader and and on-air personality. Mr. Haig is also an actor, having performed in over 60 films as well as on the stage in Canada, the UK and the United States. He is perhaps best known for his work with the Montreal Expos baseball team when he was a beat writer, a columnist and the analyst for Expos games.

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Quebec health-care workers are getting a pay raise

Health-care workers in Quebec–including thousands working at the bottom end of the wage scale in long-term care homes–are getting temporary pay raises. The hikes will go to workers in both the private and public sectors. Front-line workers–such as emergency-room professionals »

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A glimmer of light in the COVID-19 fight emerges on the Canadian Prairies

There is a sliver of light–maybe more than a sliver, maybe–emerging from the Canadian Prairies to fight the darkness that is the COVID-19 pandemic. It involves the crucial N95 masks, that piece of equipment front-line medical personnel so desperately need »

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COVID-19 forcing Canada to adjust military presence in Iraq

CBC News reports that Canada is scaling back its mission in Iraq, redeploying what sources in the military call a “significant number” of Canadian military trainers out of Iraq to Kuwait, in part because of COVID-19. Canada has had about »

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COVID-19 is not letting up its attacks on homes for the elderly

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is preying on seniors around the world and Canada is no exception. “My big worry at this time is about seniors’ residences,” Quebec Premier François Legault told reporters Wednesday at his daily pandemic briefing.  »


Generosity, it is very evident, is contageous

It started with an act of kindness by someone, evidently–and anonymously–trying to make things just a little bit better in the dark and terrifying times Canadians face these days. Ah, but kindness and generosity–like the plague that is gripping us–are »

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Canadian cities: less traffic means less pollution

Satellite images from across Canada shared with CBC News indicate that public health measures to combat COVID-19 have led to a noticeable reduction in air pollution in at least four major cities–Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. All are known for »

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Ottawa may be ready to move on non-violent prisoner releases

A day after Corrections Canada confirmed that two prisoners and nine employees at a maximum security prison in Quebec had tested positive for COVID-19, there are signs the federal government may be ready to begin heeding calls to release non-violent »

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U.S. troops at the border: Idea is scrapped…’for now’

CBC News has confirmed reports that the United States has dropped a proposal to station American troops near the U.S.-Canada border as part of a COVID-19 containment strategy. The CBC’s Catherine Tunney, Philip Ling and Katie Simpson report that a »

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RCMP issues warning following coughing threats against officers

Authorities in Nova Scotia are reporting a handful of incidents across the province in which people who claim to have COVID-19 have threatened to deliberately cough on RCMP police officers. No charges have yet been laid, but the RCMP says »

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First federal prisoners test positive for COVID-19

The fuse that leads to the COVID-19 bomb that most experts say will–likely sooner than later–explode across Canada’s prison system just got a whole lot shorter. The Correctional Service of Canada confirmed Monday that two inmates have tested positive for »