Terry Haig
Terry Haig
Terry Haig has been a journalist for over 40 years and a radio host for over 20. He was been with RCI since 1972, playing the role of writer, producer, newsreader and and on-air personality. Mr. Haig is also an actor, having performed in over 60 films as well as on the stage in Canada, the UK and the United States. He is perhaps best known for his work with the Montreal Expos baseball team when he was a beat writer, a columnist and the analyst for Expos games.

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Kingston activists not happy with direction prison farms are headed

Maybe all that appears to glitter ain’t necessarily the gold it was touted to be. Case in point: a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a story about the reopening of two prison farms in Kingston, Ontario. Seemed pretty straight» 

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Canada’s Métis get apology they’ve long sought for veterans’ treatment

In a packed Canadian Legion hall in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada’s minister of Veterans Affairs delivered the apology Canadian Métis have been waiting for for what seems to too many of them as forever. “We apologize,” Lawrence MacAuley told the gathering,» 

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Giant giraffe-like reptiles once flew the skies over Alberta

Ah, so romantic and so Canadian (not necessarily antithetical, by the way). Roll this around on your lips: “Frozen Dragon of the North Wind.” Nice, eh? It’s the secular name of Cryodrakon boreas. Who? What? Well, seventy-seven million years ago» 

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Bianca Andreescu: what happens now?

So what now for Bianca Andreescu, the force of nature who over the weekend defeated Serena Williams, the woman most believe to be the greatest female player tennis player of all time, to win the U.S. Open in New York?» 

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Margaret Atwood takes centre stage in London

Now THIS is a launch.. London, England: hundreds are lining up waiting for your latest work. The your in this case is Margaret Atwood. She is, after all, Canada’s most famous novelist, albeit perhaps not the most acclaimed. It was» 

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Rod Coneybeare who brought joy to generations of Canadian kids dies at 89

Like a lot of artists, Rod Coneybeare’s creations are likely more iconic than the man himself, but Coneybeare, from all indications a wonderful man, forged a wide, witty and gentle path through the Canadian media landscape that left a mark» 

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Is Bianca bound for glory in New York? We’ll know on Saturday

The kid did it. Bianca Andreescu, 19-years-old, from Mississauga, Ontario, is in the finals at the U.S. Open. A year ago she couldn’t even make it out of the qualifying. On Saturday afternoon, she gets to play Serena Williams, 37-years-old,» 

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As students return to school, so do the bullies

It’s that bittersweet time of the year: summer’s over, school’s back. Hopefully, that’s the way it stays–bittersweet, gentle, optimistic–nothing more than that–energies to help all involved find rhythms and routines they need to navigate the school year. Still…. Looming over» 

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A ray of hope in the battle to save trapped B.C. salmon

Two months after hundreds of thousands of salmon were trapped by a landslide on the Fraser River near Lillooet, British Columbia, officials announced Wednesday they have temporarily suspended helicopter transfer operatons because thousands of sockeye and chinook salmon are successfully» 

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A damning report and a call to action to better the lot of Canadian children

More shocking statistics from a new investigation into the welfare of Canada’s children. Bundled with UNICEF’s report on the state of Canadian children reported by colleague Marc Montgomery on Wednesday, it adds to the bleak picture of the current conditions»