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Canadian naval ship heads home after six-month tour in Mediterranean and North Atlantic

Spanish Frigate Cristobal Colon, French Naval Ship Latouche-Tréville and Turkish Naval Ship Oruceis sail ahead of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Ville De Québec while near the coast of Norway during Exercise Trident Juncture on October 26, 2018. (Master Cpl. Andre Maillet/MARPAC Imaging Services)

The Canadian frigate joined the international patrol as part of Op Reassurance. During their service they travelled to several locations and deployed the relatively recent Cyclone helicopter, for the first time on an operational basis.

Levon speaks to the ship captain and the air officer about the tour, and its importance.

Changes coming to Canada’s national police, the RCMP

Change is coming to Canada’s iconic, national police force, the RCMP. (iStock)

Canada’s fabled Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have been saddled in recent years with several complaints, not the least of which are internal complaints of bullying and sexual harassment, and some class-action lawsuits.

“Despite the positive international image, the RCMP has had one scandal after another for the last 15 years,” says Michael Kempa, director of criminology at the University of Ottawa. Now the government has announced it will create an external board of advisers and hire independent investigators to deal with internal complaints.

Lynn spoke to Mr Kempa about the situation within the R.C.M.P. and the proposed changes

Documentary film: Spectres of Shortwave, the life and death of RCI’s transmitter site

The RCI transmission array near Sackville New Brunswick, a familiar sight for decades for thousands of nearby residents and the millions who have travelled the nearby highway over the years. ( A-D Christrie- Spectres of Shortwave)

In 2012, Radio Canada International’s budget was cut by over 80 per cent. This effectively ended the service as a shortwave broadcaster with the remaining small staff switching over to an Internet service.

The transmitter station and huge antennae array was an iconic presence in the area and inspired a young creator Amanda Dawn Christie to begin an art project, but that quickly changed into a documentary film about the life and death of the service, and how that affected the staff who worked there, the local residents, and shortwave fans. It’s a moving film, called “Spectres of Shortwave,” which has been seen at various film festivals, usually resulting in an emotional response from audiences. Some segments can be seen on Vimeo.

Mark spoke via Skype with Amanda Dawn Christie about her film.
Video of show

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