L-R: Marie-Claude, Levon, Lynn, Marc

L-R: Marie-Claude, Levon, Lynn, Marc

The LINK Online: April 12, 13, 14, 2019

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc (video of show at bottom)


Research needed into ship noise effects on Narwhals in Nunavut

FILE- In this August 2005 file photo provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a pod of narwhals surfaces in northern Canada. (Kristin Laidre/AP Photo/NOAA, files)

With a mining company on Baffin Island, in the Arctic territory of Nunavut, requesting a permit for a significant increase in iron ore extraction, which would nearly double marine shipping in the area, conservation groups are saying more research is needed on the effects of underwater noise on narwhals.

It is believed that underwater noise may have a detrimental effect on the marine animals ability to communicate and seek food as they spend summer in the area. At least one study shows that the ship noise overlaps some of the frequencies the narwhal use.

Levon spoke to Kristin Westdal, marine biologist for Oceans North.

U.K., Canada, and others consider regulating websites

Social media face tough regulations coming in the U.K. (iStock)

With so much controversy about social media websites and concern about extremism and hate speech, the United Kingdom has published proposals for regulating websites. From clear hate speech to postings and sites that may not be illegal, but considered harmful like disinformation or harassment, standards are being developed. An independent regulator could be created to issue fines and/or make individual website managers responsible, and close sites that don’t comply.

Canada is watching closely and may follow suit. Lynn spoke with Stephanie MacLellan a specialist in digital policy at CIGI, a public policy think tank.

A walk in outer space

Canadian David Saint-Jacques is only the fourth Canadian to “walk” in space. (NASA)

Technically, it’s called an EVA- extra-vehicular activity and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques joins not only an already extremely exclusive club of astronauts/cosmonauts, but an even more exclusive group of people who have ventured outside a space vehicle.

Along with American astronaut Anne McClain, he spent several hours performing maintenance tasks to the International Space Station. These EVA’s are meticulously planned and practised, but even still are very risky and extreme caution is required.

Marc spoke about what that experience in space is like with Canada’s Steve MacLean, a former astronaut and a member of the very exclusive club of people who have walked  in space.

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