A common scene in Canadian hospitals with patients waiting in corridors, A new survey finds many older Canadians have difficulty accessing our universal health care system, including lengthy wait times, and sometimes with no family doctor ( Paul Chiasson- CP)

Health care for seniors: possible election issue

Canadians love to vaunt the fact of our universal health care system.

A new survey though shows that for many Canadians accessing the system is not quite what is often vaunted.

While a majority indicated easy or moderate access to health care (to doctors, clinics, specialists etc.) the non-profit Angus Reid Institute survey recently found that some two million senior Canadians have had problems with the system.

The survey found one fifth of those aged 55 or older either couldn’t find a family doctor, or experienced long wait times for surgery or diagnostic tests or access to specialists,

Indeed the survey found most of those in this age group have some problem in getting the care needed in a timely fashion.

Twice as many respondents feel that health care in their province has deteriorated than feel that is has improved.

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