Social media giants take different tacks on political advertising ( (Google: Mike Blake/Reuters Facebook: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Twitter: Mark Lennihan/AP)

Social media and the battle over political adverts

Social media has become a battleground for political parties especially during election campaigns.

Now two of the giants have taken completely different attitudes.

One will ban all political partisan adverts, the other will allow them and with no fact checking.

Philip Mai, is a researcher and the co-director at the Ryerson University Social Media Lab


Twitter has announced it will no longer accept political adverts. The only exception in the case of Canada, would be for example from the official government agency Elections Canada with non-partisan adverts such as simply encouraging people to vote.

Facebook on the other hand has taken a completely different tack. This social media giant has said political adverts will be accepted and at face value, i.e., they won’t be fact checking to ensure truth.

Although unlike the other two giants, Google/Alphabet/Youtube has not made public pronouncements but it seems this group will however continue to accept political adverts with no fact checking.  The company did not accept Canadian political adverts during this recent election, but Mai says the company may decide to get back into accepting such ads in Canada as well at some point.

Other media powerhouses like TikTok and Microsoft have also indicated they will not take political adverts, again because it’s not a money maker, and to fact check would be far too expensive.

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