COVID-19 testing kits sit stacked at a screening clinic in Montreal. (Ivanoh Demers/Radio-Canada)

Coping with Covid, federal government pledges $1 Billion

With the declaration of a Covid-19 pandemic, and the first recorded death from the virus in Canada, the federal government pledged a billion dollars to both fight the virus and mitigate the effects on society.

Ian Culbert, is the executive-director of the Canadian Public Health Association. He explains how the money will be used, and the unique aspects of this ‘new’ virus.


The government plan includes money sent to the provinces to purchase medical supplies and cope with increased needs in hospitals and other institutions.

Ian Culbert, executive-director of the Canadian Public Health Association

Some $275 million has been earmarked for research into such things as anti-virals to combat COVID-19.

Culbert points out that although there are many types of corona virus, such as the ones causing the common cold, they are nonetheless distinct. As such an anti-viral that may work to fight one virus, may very likely not work to combat another.

He notes that this virus which originated in an animal source and has jumped to humans is an entirely new virus of the corona family.

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