The typical farm use for probably more than a century of stock tanks. Now urbanites have discovered a completely different use ( Nuvideo15-Youtube )

What are ‘stock tanks”? Seems they’re the new cool pool

Livestock watering tanks are the new trend for city dwellers.

Actually stock tanks or “watering troughs” are big containers, usually of galvanised steel, that one can see on farms to provide water for livestock.

Available in a variety of sizes, they’re usually only a couple of feet deep (a tad over half a metre) and come in either an oblong shape, somewhat like a bathtub (6ft-8ft long 2-3ft wide), or a circle (up to 10ft). Basically one might say they’re just huge buckets. Often made of galvanised steel, they’re also available in plastic and fibreglass.

An iconic farm item they’ve been discovered in recent years by city dwellers for an entirely different purpose going from the pasture to the urban backyard.

This new trend seems to have taken off this year with COVID and people limited in the activities available to them, including beach and municipal pool closures in many cases. Urbanites see the shiny metal troughs as a cheap and quick way to cool off outside.

A new city use for an old farm item. ( Salt Shack stock tank pools- Handout)

With pumps and filters added in many cases, they’re now becoming immensely popular as quick as a wading pool for kids or a cool soaker pool for adults.  They’re handy because of their small size which fits easily into the typically small backyard spaces in city centres. Even for people with larger back yards the agricultural item has become popular.

Selling for a few hundred dollars at farm supply outlets, with filters and pumps they’re available now pre-set up from specialty stock trough outlets in the range of $1,500-$2,500.

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