Highlights / Montreal • Centre of the A.I. World

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s lips and is part of everyone’s life. We can find it in our phones, our cars, and even in our coffee machines.
Companies are investing massively in this technology and especially in its research. Canadian expertise has been recognized around the world for decades and many consider Montreal to be the centre of this industry.
But is this true? Can Montreal compete with giants like Boston or San Francisco? Is it conceivable to think that Quebec’s largest city could be considered the center of such a great technological revolution?
This is what Mathiew Leiser is going to find out in this podcast.

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Montreal, Centre of the A.I. World|#5 An AI Bubble?

Some researchers, such as Yves Gingras, are quite skeptical about the place of Montreal in the global AI landscape.  In his study, Professor Gingras has revealed many interesting and sometimes disturbing aspects of the Montreal ecosystem.  We confronted his point »

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Montreal, Centre of the A.I. World|#4 The City of Ethics

AI ethics are a major part of Montreal’s DNA. The city has set important milestones in global advances in this field. Many see Canadians as an example of ethics when it comes to AI. But what exactly is this AI »

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Montreal, Centre of the A.I. World|#3 The Business Hub

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, DeepMind, Samsung… They all chose Montreal to open their AI labs. But why did these companies decide to invest in Quebec’s largest city? What drew them there? In this episode, we will look at the different aspects »

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Montreal, Centre of the A.I. World|#2 Research, Canada’s Secret Formula

Research and continued public funding are the main reasons behind the development of AI in Quebec’s largest city and in Canada more broadly.  The country has never stopped believing in its researchers, be they Canadian or from abroad, and has »

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Montreal, Centre of the A.I. World|#1 The Canadian Journey

From its late start in the 1980s through the AI winter and the resurgence of the industry in the 2010s, artificial intelligence has long been part of Canadian history. Today, the country is among the world leaders in AI research, »