Mathiew Leiser
Mathiew Leiser
Born in the south of France to an English mother and a French father, Mathiew Leiser travelled the world from an early age. After studying international journalism in London, he quickly acquired different journalistic skills by working as a freelance journalist in various news organisations. From the BBC to Agence France Presse and the UGC agency Newsflare, Mathiew has acquired experience in various fields of journalism. In 2019, he decided to settle in Montreal to face its harsh winters and enjoy its beautiful summers but above all to develop his journalism. He quickly joined Radio Canada International where he strives to give the best of himself within the various teams.

International, Society

Berlin Wall: Canada’s role leading to the breach 30 years ago

Thirty years ago, on Nov. 9, during an hour-long press conference, the East German government officially eased, with immediate effect, its restrictions on travel to the West. In the hours that followed, people began to gather at the six checkpoints» 

Internet, Science and Technology

Discovery of BC’s first unique dinosaur species

This is not the first time dinosaurs have been found in British Columbia, but none of them have been unique to the province… until now. A mysterious claw discovered by a geologist in a rock along a railway line in» 

International, Society

Toronto Wolfpack recruits ‘LeBron James of rugby’

Toronto Wolfpack, the only professional rugby league team in Canada, confirmed on Thursday that All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams will join the team for the next two years, without revealing the terms of the contract. According to an anonymous» 

Immigration & Refugees, International, Society

One PhD chapter in English prevents French woman from immigrating to Quebec

Immigrating to the French-speaking province of Quebec is a dream for many French citizens. To achieve this, some start by studying in the province before deciding to stay longer. That’s what Emilie Dubois did. A French citizen, she did her» 


History of international radios

From shortwave to the web: 74 years of change Since February 25, 1945, Radio Canada International has been Canada’s voice to the world, first on shortwave radio, then on the web. During its 74 years of existence, Radio Canada International» 

Health, Society

Parents find cannabis candies in child’s Halloween treats

Parents in Nova Scotia discovered an edible cannabis product in the bag of candy their child collected on Halloween. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), parents from Coldbrook, Annapolis Valley, told investigators that their child was part of» 

Arts and Entertainment, Society

Rhinos and turtles once roamed Yukon lands

The Yukon, a territory located in northwestern Canada, was once home to ancient rhinos and turtles, a recent analysis of fossils discovered in 1973 shows. 8 to 9 million years ago, these rhinos were about two metres high and three» 

Health, International, Society

Let your moustache raise money for men’s health

If you suddenly see more men with a moustache than usual, don’t be afraid…. They do it for a good cause. Since 2003, the month of November has resonated with Movember for many men around the world who grow a» 

Indigenous, Society

Montreal monument dedicated to John A. Macdonald vandalized once again

On the eve of Halloween, a Montreal statue dedicated to Sir John A Macdonald was once again covered with paint by a group of so-called “anti-colonial zombies”. The statue, located on Place du Canada in downtown Montreal, was covered with» 

Environment, International

Canada will not host climate summit due to “unrealistic timelines”

Ottawa confirmed today that Canada will not take over from Santiago in the organization of the next COP 25 as Chile announced on Wednesday that it will no longer be able to host this event due to the social crisis»