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Terror attacks using vehicles to become ‘fact of life’ in Western democracies: expert

The increasing use of vehicles to conduct low-tech terrorist attacks such as Thursday’s attack in Barcelona that killed at least 13 people, including one Canadian, and injured over 120 people, presents an enormous challenge for security services and policy makers» 

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Canadian armour on display as Saudi troops celebrate victory in Shia town

As Saudi forces celebrate their victory over armed militants in the Shia-populated city of Awamiyah, human rights groups, opposition politicians and government officials in Ottawa are trying to find out whether the Canadian-made armoured vehicles deployed by the Saudis were» 

Canada funds citizen journalism program to promote peace in Middle East and North Africa

The federal government is contributing over $168,000 for an innovative program to promote peace by training Israeli, Palestinian and other Middle Eastern and North African young leaders to tell their own stories. The funding was announced in Tel Aviv last» 

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What comes after Mosul?

The capture of Mosul by a coalition of Iraqi and Kurdish forces last week may have marked the final chapter in the bloody history of the so-called Islamic State caliphate in Iraq, but it also risks to set the stage» 

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More than just bromance: Trudeau-Macron tandem driven by shifting geopolitics

When G20 leaders meet in Hamburg next week many observers will be watching the budding bromance between France’s newly elected President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The G20’s two youngest leaders – Macron is 39, Trudeau 45» 

Does Canada need its own CIA or MI6?

For defence and security policy wonks in Canada June has been a particularly busy month. It all began with a rather remarkable foreign policy speech delivered by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in the House of Commons. She not only» 


What’s behind Qatar’s diplomatic crisis?

It’s the biggest diplomatic crisis to hit the Middle East in years. Several Arab countries have announced that they are breaking diplomatic ties with Qatar. The tiny, oil- and gas-rich state has been accused of supporting terrorist groups. The dramatic move» 

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Should Canada return to Afghanistan?

Last week, during the NATO summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ruled out sending Canadian troops back to Afghanistan . Canadian journalist and historian Michael Petrou who has covered the war in Afghanistan since 2001 thinks this was a» 

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Labour and civil society coalition slams Canada’s Venezuela policy

A Canadian coalition of labour groups and civil society activists is calling on the federal government to rethink its policy towards the deepening crisis in Venezuela and stop supporting radical elements of the opposition who have vowed to overthrow the» 

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Canadian photographer sounds alarm on crisis in South Sudan

South Sudanese refugees in northern parts of the country are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance before the rainy season sets in, making it even harder to reach the already isolated areas, says a Canadian photographer who just returned from»