The northern cod were found to be one of 26 ‘critically depleted’ fish populations in Canadian waters. (Carlos Minguell/Oceana)

Many Canadian fisheries called ‘critically depleted’

A new audit by the conservation group Oceana Canada found only 34 per cent of Canada’s fish stocks are healthy and just over 13 per cent are critically depleted needing immediate action to rebuild them.

The report goes on to say that of 26 critically depleted stocks only three have a rebuilding plan in place and all three do not conform with ‘global best practices.’ In addition,  37 per cent of Canada’s most important fisheries are said to lack sufficient information to properly determine their health.

Cod stocks were hugely abundant but by 1992 had virtually disappeared. The government declared a moratorium but decades later the northern cod population has still not recovered. (iStock)

Canada ‘falling behind’

Oceana Canada’s director of science says Canada is falling behind on its commitments to rebuild fish stocks and that this is a crucial time to act because rebuilding the fisheries will make them more resilient to climate change and other environmental changes.

The report concludes the Canadian government should invest in science and management efforts and develop better rebuilding plans.

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