Lynn Desjardins
Lynn Desjardins
Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Lynn has dedicated her working life to journalism. After decades in the field, she still believes journalism to be a pillar of democracy and she remains committed to telling stories she believes are important or interesting. Lynn loves Canada and embraces all seasons: skiing, skating, and sledding in winter, hiking, swimming and playing tennis in summer and running all the time. She is a voracious consumer of Canadian literature, public radio programs and classical music. Family and friends are most important. Good and unusual foods are fun. She travels when possible and enjoys the wilderness.

Health, Internet, Science & Technology

Lab able to quickly diagnose blood clots after vaccine

A laboratory which has pioneered work on blood clots caused by medication is now set to diagnose clots that may occur in people after they received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Canadian health authorities say an extremely rare blood clot syndrome may »

Indigenous, Society

Indigenous designer launches sustainable, plus size clothing

An Indigenous-owned clothing company will begin offering all of its sustainable clothing lines in larger sizes ranging from XS to 6X. The Anne Mulaire company is Métis owned.  Métis are people of mixed European and Indigenous ancestry and are one »

Health, International, Internet, Science & Technology

Canada investigates after U.S. pauses Janssen vaccine

There was more negative news today that could affect vaccine rollouts in Canada and other countries. U.S. authorities have recommended a “pause” in the use of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) COVID-19 vaccine. This single-shot vaccine was approved for use »


Doctors reluctant to prescribe medical cannabis, report researchers

A new study suggests that doctors in the large province of Ontario are still hesitant to prescribe cannabis to treat long-term pain. The physicians said they were concerned about possible ill-effects on such things as cognitive development, existing mental illnesses »

Internet, Science & Technology

A change in diet helped wolves evade extinction

Gray wolves are some of the largest predators that managed to survive the great extinction at the end of the last ice age and they may have succeeded by adapting what they ate. This is the conclusion of researchers at »

Health, Society

Exercising could help in pandemic but stress, anxiety a barrier

Researchers at McMaster University say that the COVID-19 pandemic “has created a paradox where mental health has become both a motivator for and a barrier to physical activity.”  A study was done to find out how and why mental health, »

Environment & Animal Life

Skip the shower for Earth Day campaign launched

A Canadian beverage company is suggesting that Canadians working from home skip the shower and turn off their camera on Earth Day April 22, 2021 to help protect water. This is part of a clever campaign by Molson Coors which »

Health, Society

Most unvaccinated Canadians leery of AstraZeneca

Bad press about the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 has caused a loss of confidence in it among many Canadians, according to a new public opinion survey. Much of Canada is in the throes of a third wave of the pandemic »

International, Society

Despite  ‘unspeakable tragedies,’ human rights defender draws hope

Alex Neve has seen first-hand the effects of mass atrocities in Darfur, South Sudan and the Rohingya crisis, but he has also seen incredible courage and persistence of people who have stood against injustice. Neve just retired as secretary general »

Health, Society

Many disappointed in how leaders have handled pandemic

As Canadians face a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic many Canadians have a poor opinion of how their provincial leaders have handled things. In Canada, the federal government funds health care and procures vaccines to protect against the coronavirus. »