L_R: Terry Haig, Levon Sevunts, Marc Montgomery

L_R: Terry Haig, Levon Sevunts, Marc Montgomery

The LINK Online, Nov 29, 30, Dec. 1, 2019

Your hosts, Terry, Levon, and Marc (video of show at bottom)

Former Canadian spy chief calls for ‘clear eyed’ national security discussion

Richard Fadden, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, appears at Senate national security and defence committee in Ottawa on April 27, 2015. Fadden, a former head of Canada’s spy agency, says Canada needs to take a hard look at itself to ensure it is ready to face new threats. (Sean Kilpatrick/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

A major international conference held in Ottawa this week, saw political leaders past and present, along with top level security and NGO officials discuss a variety of topics from climate, foreign aid, to security.

As for Canada, the feeling was Canada needs a ‘root and branch’ review of its foreign policy according to the experts in attendance.

Levon was there and spoke to a number of the officials about the rapidly changing international and domestic scene, and policies and strategies to cope.

(full story here)

Study shows more and more plastics are polluting the Great Lakes

A fog drifts in from Lake Superior in 2011. Gail Krantzberg, an engineering and public policy professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, has published a new study that finds the microplastic problem in the Great Lakes mirrors that of the oceans: small organisms mistake microplastics for plankton, and from there they work their way up the food chain. (Canadian Press)

Plastic garbage is filling up the world’s oceans as we’ve been warned many times now.  A new study says the same tragedy is happening in the five enormous lakes known as the “Great Lakes” shared by Canada and the U.S.

Gail Krantzberg carried out the study. She’s an engineering and public policy professor at the Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and spoke to Terry about the situation

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U.N. Climate warning:Move quickly before it’s too late

The United Nations has just released two environmental reports showing a gap in where emissions reductions should be, and where they are. (UNEP)

Two recent U. N. reports look at where the world is in terms of meeting it’s carbon emissions reductions, and the apparent path we’re on heading towards a 3.2 degree Celsius increase in global average temperature by the end of the century.

(full story here)

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