Uber which developed an app to show passengers the driver picking them up is wearing a mask, has added an app for drivers to show clients are wearing a mask, adding no mask, no ride. (via CBC)

Uber toughens policy on masks

The ride hailing service Uber says that it is instituting a new aspect to its rule on mask wearing.

In May, the service required its drivers and delivery people (Uber Eats) to wear masks as a COVID-19 preventative measure, and that passengers should as well.

Uber suggests riders open the window of the back seat as one of the precautionary measures. (uber)

The service is based in San Francisco but operates in dozens of countries including Canada. It  developed a “Go Online Checklist” which required drivers to take a selfie to show they were wearing a mask which would alert riders through an app that their driver is taking precautions.  If the driver is not wearing a mask, the rider can cancel the trip and there will be no penalty.

Uber has also urged passengers wear masks.

In a statement last week, Uber is now strengthening that request by extending their “driver” app to passengers.

The statement on the Uber website says., “ We firmly believe that accountability is a two-way street. That’s why we’re expanding the same technology to riders, too. If a driver reports to us that a rider wasn’t wearing a mask, the rider will be required to take a selfie with their face covered before they’re able to take another trip with Uber. With the addition of this new feature, one driver’s feedback can help ensure the safety of Uber for the next driver”.

If a passenger is not wearing a mask, the driver can report it and the next time that client will have to prove they are masked before a ride is sent.The app, coming into service later this month, shows Uber drivers and the company that the client is wearing a mask (Uber)

Uber says the mask verification will begin at the end of this month in Canada and the U.S. with Latin America and other countries to follow.

It notes that drivers can also cancel the trip if the client is not wearing a mask.

Another ride sharing service, Lyft, operates bicycle sharing, electric scooters, and a ride hailing services. Also based in San Francisco. it operates in hundreds of U.S cities, and 12 cities in Canada.  Along with Uber, it began requiring drivers and passengers to wear masks starting in May.

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