The Heart & Stroke video includes dramatic depictions of heart episode and stroke survivors. (self-portrait-Maciej Toporowicz)

Bold campaign launched to fight heart disease and stroke

The non-profit Canada’s Heart & Stroke Foundation has launched a bold campaign focused on supporting survivors of cardiovascular disease and driving research. Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. About one in 12 adults lives with heart disease and every hour, about 12 adults with the disease die. 

“For half of all Canadians, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will be hit. It is vital we continue to address the critical issues to stop the devastating effects of heart disease and stroke,” says Stephanie Cox, associate VP, Marketing Strategy at Heart & Stroke.  “Beat is an evolution of our brand messaging, putting a real and honest face on the myriad of challenges brought on by our diseases while also communicating our role in finding solutions.”  

Myriad challenges of recovery highlighted

“Beat as one” is the title of a raw video that features brave and resilient people fighting heart disease and stroke. The “as one” part of the message is designed to unify Canadians in the fight to roll back heart disease and stroke. The video is one aspect of a campaign that will feature the themes of supporting survivors and furthering research through advertising, fundraising, marketing and other aspects of communications.  

Among the aspects highlighted by the Heart & Stroke Foundation is it’s fight for equity in women’s health. It works to close “a research gap” where scientific study usually uses men only as subjects when heart attack and stroke risks and effects may be different for women. The foundation also understands that heart disease or stroke can affect the brain, so it seeks to empower the health care system to treat the whole person. There is a focus on Indigenous health, prevention, better emergency response and treatment.

“This is a rallying cry to beat heart and stroke,” said Stephanie Lawrence, communications manager at Heart & Stroke in a phone interview.

Video: Heart & Stroke/Sid Lee

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