Unusual times call for unusual measures. In July Cristi Cooke in Kelowna B.C. wanted to safely give her mother a Covid-risk-free hug on her 80th birthday and came up with a giant plastic screen. A new survey says physical contact, hugging and shaking hands are at the op of the list of things people want to get back to 'post-COVID' (Brady Strachan/CBC)

What are you looking forward to when pandemic ends?: Survey

After some ten months of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, the issue of so-called, ‘COVID-fatigue’ has become reality. This is when people are simply fed up with the restrictions and are longing for a return to ‘normal’, or at least something more closely resembling pre-COVID lifestyles and conditions.

So what are you missing most?  What are the things you’re looking forward to when the pandemic ends once people are vaccinated and  you can do things you’ve wanted to do for many months now?.

Those are the questions the non-profit Angus Reid Institute asked of just over 1,600 Canadians between December 8-11.even as COVID case numbers were rising significantly

In terms of what people are looking forward to, the top three in order, and with close results are just doing regular things around the community without stress,  physical contact like shaking hands and hugs, and international travel

Angus Reid Inst. Dec. 2020

In terms of age groups and gender, women aged 35 and up listed a return to physical contact as their main hope, while women 18-34 listed international travel with physical contact third after stress free errands in the community.

There were some regional differences. West coast British Columbia had the highest percentage of respondents listing physical contact as a wish, while Atlantic Canada topped the category for simply moving around the community without stress. Ontario topped the category hoping to travel internationally, but not by much over any other region. Quebec topped three hoped for scenarios, having the highest percentages for wanting to go to restaurants, wanting to go to cinemas and theatres, and wanting to go to parties,

Quebec respondents had the least desire to travel around the rest of Canada. While all other respondents were in the range of 20-36 per cent, only eight per cent of Quebeckers indicated this desire.

Men aged 55 and up listed stress free community activities as their top hope, while males 18-55 listed travel abroad as the top wish followed by physical contact.

Angus Reid Inst. Dec. 2020

As to when things might start to return to ‘normal’, one in five (20%) suggest society might never return to pre-COVID ‘normal’, while the majority think it will be around autumn 2021 (63%) with 16 per cent suggesting spring or summer 2021. Note that the survey was taken just as the first COVID vaccine was being approved in Canada (Dec 9) with news that distribution would begin sometime that month.  It will take many months however to vaccinate a majority of the population.

Angus Reid Inst. Dec. 2020

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