Marie-Claude Simard
Marie-Claude Simard

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Urban fishing in Montreal is fun: but should we eat the fish?

They say that some fishing enthusiasts in Quebec start to feel that urge when the trout season opens near the end of April after the waters are free of ice.  The nervous urge and other symptoms are said to be »

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Atikamekw maple syrup: an ancestral tradition passed on with passion

When Jean-Paul Echaquan talks about his grandfather who left Manawan every spring to go to the forest to collect maple sap, time stops. Suddenly, we see ourselves half a century earlier following the old Atikamekw in all the stages of »


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a whiskey and Guinness glazed beef brisket

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone in Montreal is Irish and this year will be no exception: Montrealers are expected by the hundreds of thousands at the traditional Sunday parade! All year round, the Irish pubs in the city are preparing »


Celebrating the Chinese New Year with delicious dumplings

Xia Liu, who just became a pemanent resident in Canada, remembers fondly the New Year’s  Eves of her childhood, in Tianjin, in northern China, when all the relatives were gathered to make and eat dumplings together. Now, Xia Liu lives »


Moose and deer stew Ojibwe style at the Nomad Festival in Montreal

Ojibwe chef Alan Harrington makes a delicious moose and deer stew. He served it with traditional fried bread last week at the Nomad Festival in Montreal in the Mauritanian restaurant La Khaima. During this event, he talked about his passion »


Bike sharing  in Montreal: RCI tests the new electric BIXI

Montrealers can now use electric bicycles through the city’s bicycle sharing system BIXI Montreal. Radio Canada International (RCI) tested the new electric BIXI. Since mid-August, some 30 electric-assisted bikes have been made available to the public, at the price of »