In spite of years of incentives, electric vehicles and hybrids have not really caught on. Price is still a major factor. In September 2017 electric vehicle sales counted for just slightly past 1% of new car sales that month in Canada. (Oliver Wlaters- CBC)

Switching to a “green” vehicle? Canadians lukewarm

A new survey by the Angus Reid Institute of Canadians attitudes towards so-called green vehicles shows divided opinions.

.After more than five years of incentive programmes in three of Canada’s most populous provinces to help fund purchases of electric or hybrid vehicles, more than nine out of ten Canadians (91%) have not owned such a vehicle, and almost as many (79%) have never driven such a vehicle.

Angus Reid Inst. 2018

The reasons for shying away from green vehicles are basically price, and limited number of charging stations.

When asked about possible new car purchases in future, 42 per cent said they would seriously look at a hybrid, while 28 per cent said they would definitely not, with 30 per cent not sure either way.

Angus Reid Inst 2018- Price remains a major concern for Canadians when buying a new car

Asking the same question about an all-electric vehicle, the findings were almost reversed, with 32 per cent saying it would be a likely choice, while 43 per cent said it would not, and 25 per cent in the middle.

Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, recently ended its programme of incentives to buy electric, or hybrid vehicles. However, the survey showed a little over half of Canadians (56%) felt governments should be doing more to encourage people to buy electric cars rather than leave it entirely up to the commercial market.

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