The Canadian embassy in Havana shown in October 2009. In 2017 staff began to experience mysterious health problems. (Franklin Reyes-AP)

Mysterious Havana syndrome- Diplomats sue federal government

It’s a bizarre, very mysterious, and possibly top secret incident. A number of Canadian diplomats and family members serving at the Canadian embassy in Havana, Cuba, experienced unexplained illnesses and evidence of brain injury.

It’s become known as “Havana syndrome”.

Some American diplomats in Cuba, and in China have experienced similar problems.

Embassy staff and children complained of sudden nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, sudden dizziness, severe headaches and difficulty concentrating.  Tests reveal brain injury similar to concussion.

There are unproven theories the staff were victims of some kind of sonic weapon, or perhaps spy equipment to eavedrop.

Five members of the Canadian embassy, and children, 15 in all, are now suing the Canadian government for $28 million.

The CBC reports the statement of claim says, “Throughout the crisis, Canada downplayed the seriousness of the situation, hoarded and concealed critical health and safety information, and gave false, misleading and incomplete information to diplomatic staff”.

The problems began in early 2017, and although American staff were withdrawn in September that year, Canada did not move their staff, only removing family members in April with an option to staff at that time and later in November to return to Canada.  Last month, another Canadian diplomat fell ill and Canada announced that half the staff would be evacuated.

Members affected by the syndrome are being monitored by brain specialists at the University of Ottawa, and Dalhousie University  in Halifax

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