Youtube image showing masked Antifa protesters blockin path of elderly couple screaming and acting aggressively toward elderly couple seeking to attend political discussion. (Youtube)

81-year old woman “shocked” at Antifa bullying

Will meet with police today; son calls protesters “thugs”

Last Sunday the leader of the right-leaning People’s Party of Canada (PPC) was to speak at a Hamilton college as part of the ongoing federal election campaign.

Maxime Bernier, shown Aug 18.2019, is leader of the newly created right-leaning People’s Party, which has often resulted in left wing protests at rallies. (Justin Tang-CP)

Both supporters and opponents gathered outside the venue shortly before the event and began confronting each other verbally

In one incident three and later a fourth protester apparently supporters of the left wing Antifa and masked to hide their identity. deliberately blocked the way of two elderly people trying to enter the event.

The 81-year-old and her husband shocked at the tirade being blocked and screamed at by masked Antifa protesters (Chris Young-CP)

They then began shouting “Nazi-scum off our streets” with one young woman in particular screaming in the faces of the couple.

The elderly husband says he went to get police after one of the protesters deliberately walked into him as he tried to free the wheel of his wife’s walker from the blocking feet. Police eventually intervened and the couple were able to enter the event on Sunday.

Yesterday, 81-year-old Dorothy Marston said that in the moment she was fearless as they masked group screamed “nazi” and “racist” at her and her husband, but once safely inside, she broke down and cried.

On Tuesday she spoke to CBC saying this kind of action was “frightening in my country” adding “I love my country and this is totally in opposition to what it should be”

Dorothy and Brian Marston at their senior’s residence. They will meet with Hamilton police today but not to seek retribution but want police to see that such incidents don’t recur. (Dan Taekema-CBC)

Four people were arrested for scuffles during the event and police are reviewing video with a view towards more arrests.

The woman and her husband, who say the action was an attack on free speech, will meet with police today. They say they are not looking to have anyone charged, rather simply to see that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

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