Should COVID-19 vaccination be mandatory when its available? Canadians are divided (CBC)

COVID-19: Mandatory vaccinations?

Vaccinations have become a thorny subject in recent years but now there is a possibility of creating an even more heated debate.

With researchers around the globe working hard to create a vaccine against SARS CoV-2, a question arises as to whether vaccinations should become mandatory once a vaccine is developed.

To a previous argument about side effects of some vaccines proposed by anti-vaccination groups, a new aspect of civil liberties may be added if a mandatory order is imposed.

It seems however right now, more Canadians would support mandatory vaccinations. A survey by the Leger polling company and the Association for Canadian studies found 60 per cent of respondents would support a requirement for such a vaccine with 40 per cent saying it should be voluntary.

In his daily briefing on Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau said the priority was to find a vaccine, but as to making it mandatory, he said, “As to what sort of vaccination protocols will be in place, we still have a fair bit of time to reflect on that in order to get it right,”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says life will not begin to return to normal until there’s a vaccing, which could still be many months away. When asked about mandatory vaccinations he was non-committal.( Sean Kilpatrick-CP)

The question of mandatory vaccinations was part of a larger COVID-19 related online survey was conducted last week with 1,515 adult respondents.

Another question involving working from home showed a clear majority (69%) now working at home would like to do so more often once the crisis has passed.

Another question which has already raised concerns from civil rights groups asked. “To what extent would you agree or disagree with governments using location data from people’s mobile devices to track whether people are respecting social distancing/self-isolation measures?:

 Some 45 per cent of Canadians agreed, 48 per cent disagreed.

Some provinces are announcing the potential reopening of schools, but a question asked if schools were able to open at the end of June, would you like your kids to attend in July or August to catch up on missed lessons (34%) or start school in September as usual (66%)

As to what people would feel comfortable with after restrictions are lifted, allowing in -homre renovation work topped the list of 12 possibilities (58%) followed by going to farmers markets, shopping at the mall, and dining in restaurants. Travelling to the U.S was 11th on the list while at the bottom was going to bars and night clubs (17%)

With summer coming the issue of vacations came up, with 51 per cent saying they had cancelled or changed vacation plans, while eight per cent still planned on a vacation.  Some 42 per cent said they did not have a vacation planned this year.

The issue of trust came up with Canadians placing high or moderate trust in health professional at te top of the list (93%). Canada’s Prime Minister was roughly in the middle of the list with 56 per cent, ahead of the media at 52 per cent.

As for fear of contracting the virus,  as of last week 57 per cent were very or somewhat afraid, while 42 per cent were not much or not at all afraid of catching the virus.

The poll also showed a slight increase in the number of people who admitted they had not followed  at least one of the emergency requirements such as social distancing, washing hands often, are going into public only for necessesties. (33% from 27%)

Leger executive vice-president Christian Bourque quoted in The Canadian Press,  said of this statistic, “To me it’s an indication that they’re looking for de-confinement news because they’re starting to slack off a little bit on what they should be allowed to do. I think if there is no plan for de-confinement, people will start to become more delinquent”.

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