The latest national survey shows Canadians generally satisfied with their lot in life, but with concerns for the future of the next generation and still wide divisions across the country, ( Darryl Dyck-The Canadian Press)

New survey shows continued division in Canada

The federal election last year showed that during the last four years the country has become deeply divided. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau were re-elected but with a minority government largely due to support in southern Ontario, Quebec and the maritimes, but were almost wiped out in the west.

A new poll with a slightly different focus shows those divisions remain.

The Angus Reid Institute asked Canadians in this survey how satisfied they were with the way things were going in Canada

The result show on average six in ten Canadians (51%) are satisfied with their personal situation and the general direction of the country.  Surprisingly perhaps  there was not much change from a similar poll in 2016.

Angus Reid Inst

However that satisfaction is mostly in the eastern half of the country.

In Quebec for example 78 per cent are satisfied, and 24 per cent dissatisfied while in Alberta the figures are almost reversed with 71 per cent dissatisfied and 29 per cent satisfied.

While most are optimistic about their own future, most are also pessimistic about the future of the next generation, with the numbers fairly similar across age groups.

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