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Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny grew up in Toronto and worked in the “star maker machinery behind the popular song” as Joni Mitchell put it best. A variety of positions in the management companies of Canadian band SAGA and Long John Baldry, were both a joy and an education. A year living in Paris, France provided the time and opportunity to study the language, and experience the culture. It also provided a base to visit other European destinations. Now Carmel makes her home in Montreal, Quebec. Following a degree in Communication Studies and Journalism, Carmel anchored Quebec’s late-night TV newscast, worked in radio, locally and on RCI’s short-waves, and spent some time sharing the daily forecast on a network of radio stations across Canada as a weather specialist. These days, as a freelance writer-broadcaster, she is lending her voice and writing skills to a number of projects and continuing to share great Canadian stories on Radio Canada International’s website.

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NAFTA from the Mexican view of negotiations

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, between Canada, the United States and Mexico is undergoing some tough renegotiations these days. Donald Trump is talking tough and repeatedly has said the agreement has been a bad deal for the United States.» 

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‘Please offer me a seat’ campaign in Toronto

‘Please offer me a seat’ is the great idea one woman in Toronto developed to help herself, and many other transit users in Canada’s largest city. Kate Welsh came up with ‘Equity Buttons’. An artist, educator and self-described activist, Welsh» 

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imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts festival underway in Toronto

imagineNATIVE, the film and media arts festival that screens and displays work from aboriginal people around the world, opened its 18th edition last night in Toronto. This year, over 100 feature films, documentaries, short films and music videos will screen» 

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Sears stores begin liquidation sales today

Sears begins their final chapter with liquidation sales today in stores across Canada. Managers and former executives walk away with big cash bonuses The retailer, that was part of the Canadian landscape in 130 locations, is leaving many former employees» 

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Diwali celebrations begin across Canada

Diwali preparations are almost finished on this eve of the five-day festival of light. Beginning tomorrow, Canadians of Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Bhuddist tradiitons will join the communities around the world celebrating the new year. The word Diwali, which comes» 

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“Islamophobia” motion under review at hearings in Ottawa

“Islamophobia”, is a term that was coined in the wake of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, and it’s the use of this word specifically, that Dr. Sherif Emil objects to in Motion-103. It» 

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Best and worst places for women in Canada

Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast, is still the best city in Canada for women, and Windsor, Ontario in southern Ontario, is still the worst. These are the findings of an annual study by Kate McInturf of the Canadian» 

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Naheed Nenshi narrowly re-elected again

Naheed Nenshi was re-elected to a third term as mayor of Calgary. The campaign, however, was hard fought against rival Bill Smith, who eventually conceded at midnight when Nenshi had 112,503 votes to Smith’s 97,756. “Today, we confidently said as a» 

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The Edge: New NBL team in Newfoundland

Canada’s new National Basketball League will have a team in St. John’s Newfoundland to be known as “the Edge”. St. John’s Edge owner, John Graham, says he hopes the team attracts fans of all ages. © CBC/Sherry Vivian The team revealed» 

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Loblaw: lay-offs and new hires

Loblaw Companies Ltd., one of the oldest and largest grocery chains in Canada, is in the process of laying off 500 employees in offices across the country. Galen G. Weston, president and executive chairman of Loblaw Limited speaks to shareholders»