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Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny grew up in Toronto and worked in the “star maker machinery behind the popular song” as Joni Mitchell put it best. A variety of positions in the management companies of Canadian band SAGA and Long John Baldry, were both a joy and an education. A year living in Paris, France provided the time and opportunity to study the language, and experience the culture. It also provided a base to visit other European destinations. Now Carmel makes her home in Montreal, Quebec. Following a degree in Communication Studies and Journalism, Carmel anchored Quebec’s late-night TV newscast, worked in radio, locally and on RCI’s short-waves, and spent some time sharing the daily forecast on a network of radio stations across Canada as a weather specialist. These days, as a freelance writer-broadcaster, she is lending her voice and writing skills to a number of projects and continuing to share great Canadian stories on Radio Canada International’s website.

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Time management for 2018

Time management changed Brad Aeon‘s life. Now he is devoting his PhD research at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business to building on his insights into how it can be best implemented to help others. “Getting better at getting better” Aeon» 

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Moosemeat & Marmalade: third season returns

Moosemeat & Marmalade, is the food show that’s authentically Canadian, and British. A 13-part food documentary series, it is indigenous-Canadian, courtesy of Cree hunter, gatherer and bush chef, Art Napoleon. “Food is a connector; it crosses cultures” A former Chief» 

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‘Maximum Canada: Why 35 Million Canadians Are Not Enough’

‘Maximum Canada: Why 35 Million Canadians Are Not Enough”, is the latest book from author and journalist Doug Saunders. In it he argues that this country needs a lot more people; triple the current population, he says. Saunders is the former» 

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Urban Tales: First Christmas in Montreal

Urban Tales, an annual theatre production that’s in its eleventh year now, has evolved into a series of stories and performances connected by a theme, related to Christmas. Harry Stanjofski, a writer, performer and director, describes his role in the» 

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Winter begins, and a White Christmas forecast for many

Winter began at 11:28 est. in Montreal, Quebec today. The sun rose into a clear sky but the winter temperatures were a surprise after a day or two of relatively mild weather. Minus 22 C, with the wind chill, was» 

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Cabot Strait crossings halted due to weather

Marine Atlantic, the company that operates the ferries connecting Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, cancelled the crossings yesterday and today due to severe weather. A file photo from November shows truckers lined up in North Sydney to get on the ferry» 

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Chateau Frontenac celebrates 125 years

Chateau Frontenac, the crowning glory of Quebec City, is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2018. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip stayed at the Château Frontenac during one of their royal tours. © CBC The elegant hotel has hosted everyone from» 

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Arctic weather on the way

The last mild spell of the autumn is underway in eastern Canada, and people have been advised to make the most of it. Teddy, a Shetland pony, walked through a snowy pasture as snow falls near Cremona, Alberta on Nov.» 

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LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture: Citizenship for sale?

The 15th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture, sponsored by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, took place in Toronto on September 25th, but this year’s edition expanded the lecture format. The lecture is named in honour of Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin, two giants of» 

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Toronto FC going for Major League Soccer Cup

Toronto FC, the team known to play soccer in Canada, but football around much of the rest of the world, will play for the Major League Soccer championship. Columbus Crew forward Adam Jahn, front left, throws himself at the ball»