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Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny grew up in Toronto and worked in the “star maker machinery behind the popular song” as Joni Mitchell put it best. A variety of positions in the management companies of Canadian band SAGA and Long John Baldry, were both a joy and an education. A year living in Paris, France provided the time and opportunity to study the language, and experience the culture. It also provided a base to visit other European destinations. Now Carmel makes her home in Montreal, Quebec. Following a degree in Communication Studies and Journalism, Carmel anchored Quebec’s late-night TV newscast, worked in radio, locally and on RCI’s short-waves, and spent some time sharing the daily forecast on a network of radio stations across Canada as a weather specialist. These days, as a freelance writer-broadcaster, she is lending her voice and writing skills to a number of projects and continuing to share great Canadian stories on Radio Canada International’s website.

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The LINK Online March 30, 31, April 1

This week’s hosts of The Link are Terry Haig, Carmel Kilkenny and Zoubeir Jazzi. (Video of the show at the bottom of page) Product packaging has changed dramatically in Canada over the last 30 years, while recycling programs meant to» 

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Celine Dion 50, with a new Asian tour

Celine Dion is celebrating the milestone of her 50th birthday today. The singer, who’s preparing for an Asian tour this summer, with stops in Australia as well, will be back on stage in Las Vegas at the end of May» 

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Pope declining apology disappoints many people

Pope Francis declined to issue an apology to Canada’s indigenous people for the role of the Catholic Church in the state-sponsored residential schools. The Pope said he could not “personally respond”. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had issued the invitation to» 

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Chinese space station expected to fall this weekend

Chinese space station Tiangong-1 is beginning its descent into the earth’s atmosphere. According to Stjin Lemmens, of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office, they are predicting that Tiangong-1 will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere between March 31 and April 2, somewhere between 43» 

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. makes his mark in Montreal baseball

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at 19, followed in his father’s footsteps thrilling the fans assembled in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium yesterday. In the first exhibition game, Monday, Guerrero Jr. sporting his father’s number ’27’ was greeted with a standing ovation when he» 

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Prince Edward Island ‘straight outta winter’

Prince Edward Island was a glittering gem early yesterday when ice fog coated everything in a frosted layer. “Freezing fog essentially forms the same way as fog,” CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland explained. “The temperature cools through the overnight hours. The» 

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Peter Munk died today at the age of 90

Peter Munk, the founder and former chairman of Barrick Gold, died today. The company’s statement said, “Munk passed away peacefully in Toronto today, surrounded by his family,” “This is a country that does not ask about your origins, it only concerns» 

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Ronnie Burkett and The Daisy Theatre a hit in Montreal

Ronnie Burkett is a story-teller with strings attached. His characters, his marionettes, each a labour of love, allow him to fill a theatre with laughter and love. There’s a kind a spell cast when an audience full of adults is» 

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Cherry Blossom Festival beginning in Vancouver

Cherry Blossom Festival organizers are putting the final touches on the annual Vancouver event that launches on April 3rd, next week. Cherry blossoms are one of the miracles of spring, and while areas of eastern Canada are digesting weather forcasts» 

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Phoenix fiasco now over $1 billion to Canadian taxpayers

The Phoenix disaster in Ottawa is possibly one of the most shocking legacies of Stephen Harper’s time as Prime Minister. The federal government payroll system, implement during his tenure, has never worked properly and the ongoing “investments” to fix the»