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Labour and civil society coalition slams Canada’s Venezuela policy

A Canadian coalition of labour groups and civil society activists is calling on the federal government to rethink its policy towards the deepening crisis in Venezuela and stop supporting radical elements of the opposition who have vowed to overthrow the» 

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Canadian photographer sounds alarm on crisis in South Sudan

South Sudanese refugees in northern parts of the country are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance before the rainy season sets in, making it even harder to reach the already isolated areas, says a Canadian photographer who just returned from» 

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Hungary summons Canadian ambassador in diplomatic spat over Soros-funded university

Relations between Canada and NATO ally Hungary got a bit testy this week, after the Hungarian foreign ministry summoned Canada’s ambassador to the country to chastise her over public statements expressing concern about the fate of a Budapest university and» 

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Civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria mount amid intensifying Western and Russian air campaign

While Western media attention has been focused on the tragic deaths of about 85 Syrian civilians killed in a poison gas attack in northwestern Syria on April 4, as many as 3,400 civilians are estimated to have died in air» 

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Chemical attack in Syria upends prospects of Russia-U.S. detente

U.S. cruise missile attacks against Syrian military targets believed to have been behind a deadly chemical weapons attack in northern Syria mark a new and unpredictable phase in the six-year-old war, says a Canadian expert. The U.S. Navy launched 59» 


UNICEF counts on continued Canadian generosity in 2017

As Canada’s International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau toured projects and programs for Syrian refugees in Jordan earlier this week, officials with the United Nations children’s agency said they counted on Canada’s continued generosity. The need is great. More than 13.4» 

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Freeze or thaw? What Freeland’s appointment means for Russia-Canada relations in the Arctic

The appointment of Chrystia Freeland, a fierce critic of the Kremlin and its actions in Ukraine, as Canada’s new minister of foreign affairs could put Canadian-Russian relations and the two countries’ collaboration in the Arctic back into deep freeze, argue» 

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Senate report urges transparency on new UN peacekeeping role

The Liberal government must seek the approval of Parliament before sending troops on dangerous United Nations peacekeeping operations, says a new Senate report. The Senate Committee on National Security and Defence looked into the government’s plans to dramatically increase Canada’s» 


Looking back at one year of Liberal Arctic policy

The development of a clear Arctic policy direction by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in its first year in power was hobbled by the loss of a key cabinet member, says one of the most prominent Canadian» 

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Mysterious find is not a long-lost nuke, but what is it?

The mysterious object found by an intrepid diver in the waters off the coast of British Columbia is definitely not a long-lost U.S. nuclear bomb, says the Royal Canadian Navy. “The RCN has confirmed the object is not an unexploded military»