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Highly demanded in community, Clubhouse finally roll out Android App

After rapid growth and a flat increase curve aftermath, voice social App forerunner, Clubhouse finally moves forward with a solid stride. On Sunday, Clubhouse announced an Android version is coming to the world. In a press release, Clubhouse says “Access »

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YouTube opens Shorts, a TikTok-style social function to all users in the U.S.

After a short trial period, the short video function of YouTube – Shorts has become available to all American users. This news was announced on the official Twitter of YouTube, TeamYouTube. It’s official: the Shorts camera is now available to »

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Facebook injects $5M into local journalism, promising free local news system

Two weeks ago, Facebook announced on its official blog it will offer a free individual website and newsletter building system to local independent journalists. As a follow-up of the same scheme, Facebook will give $5 million US to independent journalists, »

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Audio is new social? Facebook is developing a series of new audio products

Lagging behind the text, image, and video, audio used to be an unnoticeable media form, but surprisingly this year it has been catching up and becoming a hot topic. Even social media giant Facebook has finally woken up and joined »

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Facebook launches Q&A app Hotline, a hybrid of Clubhouse and Zoom

Copying and then developing is what Facebook usually does to confront most of the newly trendy competition apps. Recently, Facebook launched its own “audio chat room-style” social application, Hotline. For some reason this time, Facebook didn’t launch the app officially, »

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Audio social platform Clubhouse launches payments function

The popular and fast-growing audio social app Clubhouse says in an official blog that a payment function will be added to the platform. This function marks a crucial step for the social app to keep its current influencers and to »

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Spotify acquires Betty Labs, entering Live Audio and facing up to ClubHouse

Spotify, the music streaming giant from Sweden, never overlooks any possibilities related to sound and audio. On March 30, Spotify announced it had purchased live audio studio Betty Labs. The best known audio product from Betty Labs is the live »

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Medium gives up publishing dream, reverts to supporting independent writers

The crisis of the publishing industry seems never to fade away. No matter the traditional paper media or so-called new (digital) media, it’s undeniable there is a lack of break-through on the road of exploring a modern model for the »

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U.S. homeland defence strategy underlines Canada’s importance

The U.S. Air Force released this week its strategy for defending the United States and Canada from threats posed by Russia but also China and other adversaries as beefing up continental defences increasingly takes the centre stage in relations between »

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Watching YouTube videos inside tweets? Twitter is testing the function

Twitter is testing a new method to enable users to watch YouTube videos directly within timelines. This news was announced by Twitter’s official information channel, TwitterSupport on its own platform. Usually, while including a YouTube video inside tweets, the only »