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Social media and the battle over political adverts

Social media has become a battleground for political parties especially during election campaigns. Now two of the giants have taken completely different attitudes. One will ban all political partisan adverts, the other will allow them and with no fact checking. »

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Trudeau met with Governor General to discuss next government

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with The Queen’s representative in Canada, Gov. Gen. Julie Payette, Tuesday to advise her that he intends to form government, even though his Liberal Party fell short of getting a parliamentary majority in last week’s »

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Ottawa says more needs to be done to protect elections

The federal government has confirmed for the first time that attempts were made to meddle in last week’s federal election and says more needs to be done to combat online disinformation. The government has not provided any details about the »

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Canada’s federal election leaves the country divided

The results are in and the Liberal party under Justin Trudeau has been re-elected, albeit leading a minority government this time. The results also show a country very divided with a the nationalist Bloc Quebecois party resurrected in the mostly »

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No foreign interference detected in Canada’s federal election, officials say

Despite dire warnings in the run-up to the Oct. 21 federal election of possible foreign meddling in Canada’s democratic process, officials tasked with monitoring and preventing foreign interference did not “observe” any activity that merited sounding the alarm, according to »

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Jody Wilson-Raybould going back to Ottawa as Independent MP

A former Liberal justice minister and attorney general whose resignation from cabinet and subsequent expulsion from the Liberal caucus sparked one the most damaging scandals to shake the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is returning to Ottawa as an »

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Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win, but with a minority

The Canadian electorate has returned Justin Trudeau to power but he will need the support of another party or parties for his government to survive. To hold a majority in Canada’s House of Commons, a party needs 170 seats, but »

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Quebec separatist party big winner of federal vote

The separatist Bloc Québécois party emerged as the big winner of Monday’s federal election, regaining official party status in the House of Commons and more than tripling the number of seats it will hold in Canada’s 43rd Parliament. The once-faltering »

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Canadians voting for a federal government

Canadians are voting in a federal election today. The country is so big there are several different time zones. Each zone has its own 12-hour period during which the polls are open and people must vote in the area in »

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American interference in Canada’s election?

Huge Twitter storm after Obama tweet With the huge scandal in American politics about potential foreign influence in their presidential election comes a whiff of interference in Canada’s federal election, and from an unusual source, Earlier this year it was »