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Lynn Desjardins
Lynn Desjardins
Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Lynn has dedicated her working life to journalism. After decades in the field, she still believes journalism to be a pillar of democracy and she remains committed to telling stories she believes are important or interesting. Lynn loves Canada and embraces all seasons: skiing, skating, and sledding in winter, hiking, swimming and playing tennis in summer and running all the time. She is a voracious consumer of Canadian literature, public radio programs and classical music. Family and friends are most important. Good and unusual foods are fun. She travels when possible and enjoys the wilderness.


Language-disabled student begs court for assistance

Police banged on Matthew’s (*a pseudonym) door one Saturday morning in October 2015 and demanded his identification. He did not understand why. “I was very confused. The police never said exactly what they were charging me with.” Matthew faced having» 


Organized sport does not interfere with children’s free play: study

There has been concern in Canada that families may over schedule their children in organized sports to the detriment of free play. Free play is seen as important to a child’s overall health and development. A new study from the» 

Environment, Health

Blue-green algae kills dogs, increase as temperatures go up

Three dogs died in late July 2018 right after coming into contact with blue-green algae in the St. John River in the eastern province of New Brunswick. Blue-green algae is a misnomer. The substance is actually not algae but a» 


Two police officers among four killed in small town of Fredericton

Canadians were shocked to wake up to the news of a shooting in the capital of the eastern province of New Brunswick, Fredericton.  One suspect is in custody and four people are dead, including two police officers. The shooting began» 


Shipwrecks, other submerged sites to be protected

CBC reports the Canadian government is planning new regulations to protect  underwater wrecks and historical sites. Now, there is only a patchwork of rules put in place by provincial and territorial governments. Tens of thousands of shipwrecks Canada has over» 

Immigration & Refugees, Society

Border ministry name fuels an unfounded sense of crisis, groups say

The Canadian government recently created a Ministry of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction and several groups are protesting the move. Amnesty International Canada, the Canadian Council for Refugees and many other advocacy groups have sent a letter to the» 


Many cannabis users drive after consuming

One in seven Canadian cannabis users had driven at least once within two hours of using the drug in the three months before a government survey was conducted. The Statistics Canada survey also found about 1.4 million Canadians said they» 


Northern black widow spider is in Quebec!

The news release from Montreal’s Insectarium museum cheerily informs me that the northern black widow spider in now established in the province of Quebec, but tells me not to worry. It trumpets it program to encourage citizens to observe and» 


Climate change could turn earth into a ‘hothouse,’ say scientists

A new report by an international team of scientists says that even if current emission targets are met, warming could trigger an irreversible domino effect raising temperatures  4-5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. Currently, global average temperatures have increased just» 


Whales’ ‘bubble-net’ hunting witnessed by excited tourists

Owners of a remote floating lodge in western Canada woke up their guests to see some humpback whales which had come in close to feed. A large circle of bubbles could be seen on the surface of the water. This»