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Lynn Desjardins
Lynn Desjardins
Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Lynn has dedicated her working life to journalism. After decades in the field, she still believes journalism to be a pillar of democracy and she remains committed to telling stories she believes are important or interesting. Lynn loves Canada and embraces all seasons: skiing, skating, and sledding in winter, hiking, swimming and playing tennis in summer and running all the time. She is a voracious consumer of Canadian literature, public radio programs and classical music. Family and friends are most important. Good and unusual foods are fun. She travels when possible and enjoys the wilderness.

Column Health Science and Technology

Problems identifying smells may predict Alzheimer’s: study

A new study out of McGill University suggests that testing someone’s ability to identify smells could reveal the presence of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. This is important because early detection of dementia could eventually allow for early treatment» 

Interview Lifestyle Work & Labour

Work from home likely to increase

The Canadian government is considering giving workers in the sectors it regulates the right to flexible work. And increasingly, companies are allowing employees to spend all or some of their time working from home. Employees often like the flexibility they» 

Canadian headlines Health Science and Technology

Thyroid cancer over diagnosed: new study

A new study suggests that an increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer is mostly caused by the over diagnosis of one type which is rarely dangerous. Evidence collected from around the world shows the increase mostly involves small papillary» 

Canadian headlines Immigration & Refuge

Boost the response to refugee claimants, urge advocacy groups

While congratulating all levels of government for their response to the surge in asylum seekers crossing into Canada, advocacy groups are calling for some improvements. Tents have been set up for refugee claimants. Advocacy groups applaud these kinds of efforts» 

Immigration & Refuge Interview

Judge slams Canada’s system for detention of asylum seekers

A judge has set free a refugee claimant and called the system for detaining some asylum seekers arbitrary and Kafkaesque. This refers to a book written by Franz Kafka which describes a senseless and menacingly complex justice system. A judge» 

Health Interview Your choices

Pressure mounts to ban junk food marketing to children

The Canadian government has just closed its online public consultations on the plan to ban unhealthy food advertising aimed at children. A coalition of 12 non-governmental organizations will keep up the pressure for it to restrict the commercial marketing of» 

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Oral cancers caused by sexual activity increase

A new study found that an increasing proportion of oral cancers was caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) compared to that linked with alcohol and tobacco use, and that men were more affected than are women. The study in the» 

Animals Canadian headlines Your choices

Young beluga whale dies suddenly at Marineland

A marine park in the province of Ontario has announced that a young beluga whale died suddenly from a twisted bowel. Gia was born at Marineland but sometime after her birth her mother stopped nursing her. A dedicated marine mammal» 

Animals Interview Science and Technology

New imaging technique allows view inside insects

Until now, scientists had to kill insects to see what was going on inside. But now, biologists and imaging specialists from Western University have teamed up to find a novel way to see their insides while they are alive. It» 

Health Interview Science and Technology

Can smartphones track Parkinson’s better than doctors?

Researchers are studying the feasibility and accuracy of having patients use their smartphones to track the progression of their Parkinson’s disease and the effect of medication they are taking to slow it down. Parkinson’s is a degenerative brain disease that»