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Canadian university creates winning electric motorcycle

It has a rather odd sounding name, EMUS, but looks like an outright GP racing motorcycle. The motor weighs a mere 20 kilos but produces over 200hp. Its an electric racer entirely designed and built by students at the university» 

Conversation with an Imam

Imam Hassan Guillet came to national attention following the horrific mass murder in a Quebec City mosque. A young Quebec man, Alexandre Bissonette, walked into the mosque in late January this year, and shot and killed six men, and wounded» 

Shadow and light: the precision art of Jessie Babin

There are always at least two things that happen when people view Jessie Babin’s art. The first is usually along the lines of “very lovely photos”, but when told they are drawn art, the reaction is “Really? Wow, that’s amazing”.» 

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ARTS: You might be Canadian IF…

What does a very successful and highly respected editorial cartoonist do when his newspaper shuts down? Well Michael de Adder, although still creating political cartoons for publications across North America, does cartoon books. Absolutely wonderful ones. One of Michael de» 

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Documentary: Quebec- My Country/Mon Pays

It’s perhaps hard for those in countries outside Canada to understand why a significant segment of the population in the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec want the province to become its own sovereign nation. It’s actually hard for most Canadians» 

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ARTS-Doc film: THE TAMING OF THE QUEUE” by Josh Freed

You line up at the cash register, line up for service, and for this and for that. You wait on the telephone after being put on hold, you wait in traffic jams, you wait and wait, and nobody, or almost» 

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Inspiring women to join the Canadian Forces: Short sessions offer a taste of military careers

Women in Force Programme The Canadian Forces are eager to increase the number of women in the military. There is a perception that women generally are intimidated by the idea of a military career so a new pilot project seeks» 

The Nova Scotia book of Everything

Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia and were going to ask anyway. It’s summer in Canada, or nearly, and a time for travel. If heading to the province of Nova Scotia, here’s a quick and enjoyable way to» 

Artist Jess Riva Cooper: ideas in 3 dimensions

Her sculptures are beautiful: sometimes very intricate and detailed, sometimes less so, being more symbolic. The  artist works in smaller individual sculptures but is also known as a larger museum-scale installation artist, but always thought-provoking Artist Jess Riva Cooper works» 

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Non-fiction: Presidential authority: exceeding the law?

( Ryan Alford (PhD) has practiced law in the U.S. and Canada, is now a professor at Lakehead University in Ontario and author. © Lakehead Univers video interview below) The most powerful nation on Earth is, and has been for some»