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Author Rawi Hage: Beirut Hellfire

Award winning author Rawi Hage came to our studios to talk about his new novel, “The Beirut Hellfire Society” with Marc Montgomery. The author of award-winning novels “De Niro’s Game”, “Cockroach”, and “Carnival”, his latest work draws in part on »

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Hockey- use the right words eh?

(commenting open on all RCI stories – scroll to bottom) Hockey is just, well, so Canadian. Sure the Russians, Czechs, Swedes, Germans, even Americans are pretty darn good internationally, and many do end up in the National Hockey League, but »


Why do we watch sports?

The Olympics are almost at an end, and millions of people will have been watching on TVs around the world, in addition to those who made the effort to actually travel to the event. Playing sports is one thing, but »


Non-fiction: 30 years as a prison guard

“Down Inside”: A career in Canada’s federal prisons Suicides, violent beatings, horrific murders,  guards who cared, guards who didn’t, bureaucratic indifference, political meddling, Robert Clark saw all of that and much more. Robet Clarks intimate look at his long career »

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De-extinction; new book examines the multitude of issues

(skype interview below : Comments open to post and read at very bottom) The creatures may have gone extinct anywhere thousands of years ago, like the wooly mammoth, or maybe only a hundred years ago like the passenger pigeon, but »

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Public broadcasting threatened- Switzerland case

skype video interview at bottom of story Swiss referendum may decide to close public broadcasting When radio started in the early part of the last century, most countries established a national public broadcasting system; first radio, then television, and now »

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ART- Liz Ingram, Alberta print maker and more

Born in Argentina, she grew up in India, in New Delhi and Mumbai, before moving to Toronto, and then to Alberta where she has produced award-winning art while also instructing other creative minds for over 40 years. She was elected »


The sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting:Christa Paterson

It’s fast, loud, challenging to do, and exciting to watch; it’s the relatively new sport of “cowboy mounted shooting”. You have to know how to ride a horse, and be a good shot, with good reflexes. This is something you »


Tom Wilson- A rock and roll life, and self discovery

Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers, and the Road Home © Penguin Random House (Doubleday Canada) publishers (video of interview at bottom) The book is called “Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers, and the Road Home” It’s the personal story of »

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Conversation with the Canadian General fighting Daesh

Canada has been with the Coalition forces to defeat Daesh in Iraq since 2014. This year Brigadier-General Daniel MacIsaac took over command of the Canadian contingent. I spoke to him from a Canadian base in Kuwait about the mission and »