Highlights / Federal election 2019

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Conservatives promise to slash Canada’s foreign aid by 25 per cent

A Conservative government would slash Canada’s foreign aid spending by 25 per cent, withholding international assistance from developed countries such as Italy and Brazil and focusing it instead on the poorest countries, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced Tuesday. Speaking in »

Politics, Society

‘Make a vote date’ to boost turnout, urge celebrities

Several celebrities are exhorting Canadians to make a vote date to encourage non-voters to cast their ballots. It’s a unique initiative launched by the non-profit VoteParty.ca. The message is in a series of videos that will be shown in Cineplex »


Indigenous vote could have significant weight

Public opinion polls suggest Canadians may elect a minority government on October 21, 2019 and that could leave the Indigenous vote with “significant” influence in the new government.  This is the opinion of Rebecca Major, an assistant professor of political »

Environment & Animal Life, Politics

Trudeau promises to protect 25% of Canada’s land and waters by 2025

A re-elected Liberal government would protect from development and industrial activity a quarter of Canada’s land and oceans by 2025, Justin Trudeau announced Thursday as he unveiled the Liberal Party’s nature conservation pledges. An avid outdoorsman himself, the Liberal leader »


Conservatives promise judicial inquiry into SNC-Lavalin affair

If elected, a new Conservative government would launch a judicial inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin scandal, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced Thursday during a campaign stop in the Montreal riding held by his Liberal opponent Justin Trudeau. Last month, Ethics Commissioner »

Indigenous, Politics

National Inuit organization outlines priorities for 2019 election

Social infrastructure to deal with the mental health crisis affecting Inuit communities, housing, renewable energy and climate action, a partnership with the Crown and sustainable economic development of Canada’s Arctic regions are among the priorities for federal parties unveiled Friday »


Blackface video shot in early 1990s, Trudeau says

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the controversial video showing him in blackface that surfaced on Thursday was shot in the early 1990s while he held a summer job as a white water rafting instructor. “It was a costume day for »


Trudeau apologizes to Canada’s racial minorities over blackface scandal

Less than a day after Justin Trudeau had to apologize for dressing in “brownface” at a school gala in 2001, the Liberal Leader had to say sorry again Thursday after a new video surfaced showing him in blackface in the »

Economy, Politics

Canada’s election: “Affordability” as a main voter concern

According to indicators, and the current government, Canada’s economy is doing well, and unemployment is at all time lows. Yet, national surveys have repeatedly shown Canadians don’t feel secure about their financial future or prospects. In spite of the figures, »


Vetting political candidates

In recent years, several political hopefuls have had their plans cut short, often due to old social media posts. These often espouse positions or opinions expressed as private citizens, but which are deemed as being racist, sexist, politically extreme, or »