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Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny
Carmel Kilkenny grew up in Toronto and worked in the “star maker machinery behind the popular song” as Joni Mitchell put it best. A variety of positions in the management companies of Canadian band SAGA and Long John Baldry, were both a joy and an education. A year living in Paris, France provided the time and opportunity to study the language, and experience the culture. It also provided a base to visit other European destinations. Now Carmel makes her home in Montreal, Quebec. Following a degree in Communication Studies and Journalism, Carmel anchored Quebec’s late-night TV newscast, worked in radio, locally and on RCI’s short-waves, and spent some time sharing the daily forecast on a network of radio stations across Canada as a weather specialist. These days, as a freelance writer-broadcaster, she is lending her voice and writing skills to a number of projects and continuing to share great Canadian stories on Radio Canada International’s website.

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Victoria Day and the ‘Mothers of Confederation’

Victoria Day is the occasion for the holiday many Canadians are enjoying today, at least in central and western Canada. The Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador do not celebrate. And, in» 

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Celine Dion and Drake win big at Billboard Music Awards

Celine Dion performed and Drake collected awards last night in Los Vegas, at the annual Billboard Music Awards. The Toronto-based rapper is now the biggest winner ever, but Quebec-born singer, Celine Dion was the musical star of the event. Her powerful» 

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High-speed train closer to reality

High-speed train proposals and promises have become a regular occurrence in Southern Ontario. But perhaps this time it will become a reality. On Friday, Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynn, announced a high-speed railway between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. “The best time» 

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The LINK Online – Sun. May 21, 2017

The Link hosts this week are Lynn Desjardins, Levon Sevunts and Carmel Kilkenny sitting in for Marc Montgomery Canadians, particularly the younger generation, are dining out more regularly. Eating habits were the subject of a study by researchers at Dalhousie» 

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Marionettes coming to life in a giant way in Montreal

Marionettes, giant ones, are taking over downtown streets in Montreal this weekend. The largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec, celebrated the 375th anniversary of its founding on May 17th, 2017. The day began with a resounding chorus of» 

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Holiday weekend a welcome break after a long winter

The first holiday weekend and the unofficial beginning of the summer, is underway. Monday is the national holiday known in most places in Canada, as Victoria Day. Queen Victoria is most often represented in image and stone in her older» 

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Fort McMurray’s sombre anniversary

The exodus on the highway out of Fort MacMurray early on May 3rd, 2016 © CP/Jason Franson Fort McMurray is acknowledging the first anniversary since wildfires engulfed the city. A gathering was organised for this evening but few people attended. Many» 

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Skippy peanut butter no longer in Canada

Skippy Peanut Butter, the second-most popular brand, is no longer available on store shelves, and many Canadians are not happy about it. Amid all the talk of free-trade negotiations and agreements, a business decision to discontinue distribution of one product-line» 

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LGBTQ refugee claims heard under new guidelines

LGBTQ refugees arrive from countries all over the world, seeking safety and a better life in Canada. But proving their need for refugee status, has been a challenging and sometimes humiliating process for many. On Monday, the Immigration and Refugee» 

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Expo `67 celebrated in Montreal

Expo `67 opened officially 50 years ago today. The celebration of the Canadian Centennial year in Montreal, was the biggest World`s Fair ever. Buckminster Fuller’s iconic geodesic dome is still part of the landscape on the Expo site. It was»