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Terry Haig
Terry Haig
Terry Haig has been a journalist for over 40 years and a radio host for over 20. He was been with RCI since 1972, playing the role of writer, producer, newsreader and and on-air personality. Mr. Haig is also an actor, having performed in over 60 films as well as on the stage in Canada, the UK and the United States. He is perhaps best known for his work with the Montreal Expos baseball team when he was a beat writer, a columnist and the analyst for Expos games.

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No letup in British Columbia blazes as premier expresses dismay

As the Canadian Mental Health Association issues guidelines to help residents in British Columbia as they cope with the devastating wildfires ripping up the province, Premier John Horgan toured the hard-hit Prince George region on Tuesday and expressed dismay over» 

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Montreal city council unanimiously passes gun ban declaration

Montreal’s city council voted unanimously Monday for a motion that calls on the federal government to ban handguns and military-style assault rifles across the country for anyone other than police officers or members of Canada’s Armed Forces. The declaration also» 

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More and more skilled professionals facing uncertain futures

It’s been almost two years now since Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, noted that Canadians should get used to what he called “job churn.” Morneau was referring primarily to short-term employment that might include a number of career changes, generally» 

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A story from a mean street in the world’s fourth-most livable city

Three boys and a full-time job as a nurse would likely be tough enough to cope with in the best of times, but Melissa Huitema is getting a taste of something even worse–one of those dark sides of humankind that» 

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Sometimes when enough is enough, you take a stand and all sorts of forces are unleashed

Once again, it is time to give thanks for–and to–the young people among us. Unlike so many of us, they tend to not let important things–big or small–slide. They know when to draw the line. More of them, it appears,» 

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Roman Catholic abuse report shows links to Canada

Ripples from Tuesday’s devastating grand jury report about the predatory sexual practices of Roman Catholic priests in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania have spread to Canada. CBC News says the report shows that at least seven priests were sent for» 

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Keep those Twitter fingers (thumbs?) greased, you might get discovered

Ever dream of being a published author? Just in case you missed it, the Toronto Public Library is the process of writing and publishing–INSTANTLY–a novel. How INSTANTLY? How about one tweet a time? “I sat on a bench reading my» 

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Montreal city council set to increase pressure on Ottawa to toughen proposed gun legislation

Montreal is set to join Toronto in pressing the federal government to pass a nationwide ban on handguns and assault rifles. Alex Norris, a city councillor and the chair of the Montreal public security commission, will present a declaration at» 

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Legendary treasure hunter and historian Alex Storm has died in Nova Scotia

A legendary Canadian treasure hunter, storyteller and historian has passed away at the age of 90 in his beloved Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Alex Storm made headlines in 1965 when he and a crew of divers discovered the French treasure» 

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New statutory holiday coming to honour residential school victims

Canada’s federal government is in the process of establishing a new statutory holiday to mark the country’s dark residential school history. Ottawa is currently consulting with Indigenous leaders to establish the date. The Globe and Mail reports two dates are»