Terry Haig
Terry Haig
Terry Haig has been a journalist for over 40 years and a radio host for over 20. He was been with RCI since 1972, playing the role of writer, producer, newsreader and and on-air personality. Mr. Haig is also an actor, having performed in over 60 films as well as on the stage in Canada, the UK and the United States. He is perhaps best known for his work with the Montreal Expos baseball team when he was a beat writer, a columnist and the analyst for Expos games.

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York University opens a door to students from the other side of the (immigration) tracks

There’s nothing quite like putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to helping those in need. Toronto’s York University, for example. A lot of people at York, including its president, are going to bat for a lot of» 

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Demonstrators hit Montreal streets to protest CAQ ‘racist” policies

Less than a week after Francois Legault and his right-of-centre Coalition Avenir Quebec party swept to power in Quebec’s general election, a wide range of demonstrators took to the streets of Montreal on Sunday to protest what they say are» 

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Canadian Medical Association resigns from world body

If, as someone has noted, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what of plagiarization–that 10-dollar word that serves as a fancy coverup for the two-bit act called cheating? The Canadian Medical Association delivered a message about where it stands» 

Top U.S. official delivers warning about pot–legal or not–at the border

Marijuana becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17. It’s a change that apparently is not sitting especially well  with our neighbours to the south. According to a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol senior official, those who work in the cannabis» 

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No one is ever too old to remember–and honour–Terry Fox

It’s been 38 years now–the spring and summer of 1980–that Terry Fox first won our attention with his unlikely and gutsy run that took him half-way across the country–a run he had to cut short because he could no longer» 

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Ottawa says it will settle class-action suit with disabled veterans

Canada’s federal government has agreed to pay $100 million to settle a legal battle with disabled veterans. The veterans launched a class-action law suit four years ago after some of their financial benefits were clawed back. The proposed settlement, which» 

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Calgary’s possible bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics rolls forward

Supporters wishing to bring the 2026 Winter Olympics to Calgary made it through another gate on Tuesday. City council voted to move forward with a bid process and to hold a plebiscite on the matter in November. Tuesday’s vote had» 

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Ombudsman delivers sharp criticism on wait-time decisions for veterans

Canada’s veterans ombudsman says too many veterans are waiting far too long to find out if they qualify for financial assistance or disability benefits for service-related injuries. And, Guy Parent says in a report, the whole process lacks transparency, a» 

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Postal workers could be off the job by the end of the month

Canadian postal workers could be off the job by the end of the month. In a month-long vote that wrapped up Sunday, they have given their union, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, a strike mandate by an overwhelming margins.» 

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Greenpeace sues Ontario to maintain cap-and-trade rules

Greenpeace Canada is going to court to try to stop an Ontario government plan to scrap the province’s cap-and-trade system. Premier Doug Ford announced plans in July to end the system that forces large companies to buy allowances for carbon»