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‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Mladic sentenced to life for genocide and atrocities

Former Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic, whose forces rained shells and snipers’ bullets on besieged Sarajevo and carried out the worst massacre in Europe since World War II in Srebrenica, was convicted Wednesday and sentenced to life in prison for» 


More Canadians expect to shop online: survey

A new survey suggests 65 per cent of Canadians plan to do some or all of their shopping for this coming holiday season online. That’s up from 55 per cent last year, according to a survey done for the FedEx» 

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Effects of concussion: longer than thought in young brains

A child gets hit hard or falls hard while playing a sport, say hockey, Judged to have suffered a concussion, they’re kept out of play for about three to four weeks after which the effects and “damage” have seemingly healed» 

Work & Labour

Ontario reforms labour law, boosts minimum wage

The province of Ontario is raising its minimum wage from $11.60 per hour to $14 on January 1, 2018 and $15 in January 2019. It is also making other changes seen as good for workers, but criticized as expensive for» 

International, Politics

Canada pledges $100M for hurricane-ravaged Caribbean islands

Canada is pledging $100 million over the next five years to help Caribbean island nations recover from the devastation and damage caused by the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Canadian officials announced Tuesday at a pledging conference in New York. The» 

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Close for-profit blood clinics, urge advocates

In 1997, an inquiry into a catastrophic tainted blood crisis concluded that people should not be paid for blood donations, yet the Canadian government is about to approve the opening of a third, private, for-profit clinic. The Canadian Health Coalition» 

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Major auction of Canadian art; more record sales?

Toronto fine art auction house Heffel is again selling some major artworks on an online auction today. Featured are works by the renowned Canadian artist Lawren S Harris. He was the founder of iconic Canadian artists known as The Group» 

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Embarrassed, Canadian university apology comes after public exposure

(to post or read comments, scroll to very bottom of story) Ontario university widely condemned by national and international media Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, (WLU) has apologized to a teaching assistant over their handling of a complaint against» 

Environment, Science and Technology

Arctic data shows no pause in global warming: study

Researchers have long puzzled over an apparent contradiction in climate change calculations that suggested global warming may have paused or slowed down between 1998 and 2012 even as increased emissions of greenhouse gases in that period should have accelerated the» 

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Mega mergers in food industry: Opposition to Bayer-Monsanto deal continues

One of the biggest corporate mergers has elicited strong protest around the world. Bayer and Monsanto, already each a giant, are asking to merge into one multi-billion dollar mega corporation of pharmaceutical chemical, genetically modified seed giants. Many see the»