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Old contact lenses add to microplastic pollution

An American study has found that old contact lenses are becoming a source of more plastic pollution in waterways and oceans. The study said that in the U.S alone about 45 million people wear contact lenses.  Arizona State University researchers» 


Prime minister warns against populism after being heckled

A reporter today asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whether he went too far when he told a heckler “there is no room in Canada for this intolerance toward immigrants.” Trudeau was at a rally in the French-speaking province of Quebec» 

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Reconciliation or creating divisions? History, Canada, Macdonald and the First Nations peoples.

(public commenting is open- scroll to bottom- Comments will be posted following moderation) There is a recent social justice movement in Canada that has gained great momentum and influence in the political area. Statues of once important figures in Canadian» 


Low-carb diet may increase mortality risk: study

Over 60 per cent of Canadians are overweight or obese and many try to lose weight with diets that severely limit the intake of carbohydrates. But new research suggests adopting a low-carb diet is associated with increased mortality. The study» 

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Smoke from wildfires: health concerns, cancellations

As the many wildfires continue to ravage forests in west coast British Columbia, new health concerns are being raised about smoke pollution. In addition, several airports in the province had to cancel flights as the thick smoke made it too» 

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A story from a mean street in the world’s fourth-most livable city

Three boys and a full-time job as a nurse would likely be tough enough to cope with in the best of times, but Melissa Huitema is getting a taste of something even worse–one of those dark sides of humankind that» 

The LINK Online, Aug 17,18,19, 2018

Your hosts this week Terry, Er, Marc Even with tracking function off, Google still knows where you are and keeps the information A recent investigation shows that your movements are still being tracked and recorded even when you turn your» 

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The CNE and PNE: Ending summer on a big note of fun

It’s been an annual tradition since at least 1879. The Canadian National Exhibition opens today at the large 78 hectare CNE grounds in Toronto. Often called simply the “Ex” it was originally staged as a showcase of agricultural and technological» 

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Sometimes when enough is enough, you take a stand and all sorts of forces are unleashed

Once again, it is time to give thanks for–and to–the young people among us. Unlike so many of us, they tend to not let important things–big or small–slide. They know when to draw the line. More of them, it appears,» 

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Illegal migration into Canada: July numbers increase

(public comments open on all RCI stories – scroll to bottom: comments will be posted after moderating) Migrants crossing illegally into Canada from the U.S to claim asylum increased dramatically last month. Figures show that after two months of a»