Caroline Arbour
Caroline Arbour
Caroline got her start in journalism at RCI, filing items in French and English from its Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver bureaus. Bitten by the radio bug, she also nevertheless subsequently tried her hand at reporting for television, print and the Web, freelancing for Radio-Canada, CBC, Voice of America, L’actualité magazine and The Atlantic’s business site Quartz. Her favourite stories to cover are ones that show resilience in its many forms and also ones that highlight no issue is ever black and white. In Caroline’s wildest and weirdest dreams, she imagines spending her days roaming the Andalusian countryside on a vintage motorcycle, photographing its diverse and stunning beauty.

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The picture of hope

Drones are in the news a lot lately and not always for good reasons.  But a remote-controlled aerial vehicle made news Friday for capturing this bird’s-eye view of an orca and her calf swimming in Puget Sound, off British Columbia. Behind »

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Omar Khadr a little freer

Former child soldier and Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr was in court in Edmonton on Friday to ask that some of his bail conditions be relaxed. The judge consented to extending his curfew so that he could attend early-morning prayers and night »


Quebec: Biker group raises money to feed kids

The man behind the campaign hopes to attract more donations as a video about the initiative goes viral. Covered in tattoos, riding his Harley, Martin Duhamel may look all tough, but he is a softie. You get that sense when the 35-year old tattoo »

Environment & Animal Life, Internet, Science & Technology

The secrets of the seas revealed by their inhabitants

What if marine animals could talk?  Tell us where they have been, how they interact with one another, how their habitat is changing… Well, they can. In a paper just published in the journal Science, researchers affiliated with the Nova »

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Growing number of Ontario workers in low-wage, precarious jobs: report

A report by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives comes to a grim conclusion about Ontario’s labour market: it is increasingly becoming precarious.  And the think tank calls the changes that have taken place in the last 17 years »

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Canada’s foreign aid spending is ‘relatively low’ and ‘declining’, concedes government

In a confidential briefing memo prepared for International Development Minister Christian Paradis and obtained by the Canadian Press, Canada’s government recognizes that it is falling considerably short when it comes to investing in foreign aid. While the United Nations’ target »


The LINK online Sat Jan 03, 2015

Caroline Arbour is filling in.  Marc Montgomery, Lynn Desjardins and Wojtek Gwiazda are off this week. On the show: Quebec’s unique winter light inspires a British-born painter now living in Montreal, how a journalist’s award-winning debut novel is reshaping his »

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Quebec television personality Suzanne Lapointe dies at 80

Quebec has lost one of its most well-known and beloved television host. Suzanne Lapointe passed away Friday morning at the age of 80, after a battle with cancer.  Also suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she had retreated from public life some »

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Fewer than one-fifth of Ontarians smoke

While almost half of Ontarians have never smoked cigarettes, 18% of people over 18 years of age in Canada’s largest province are currently smokers, according to a new poll. This is close to the national average, with the most recent »

Environment & Animal Life

A bad year for endangered killer whales ends on a positive note

An orca calf, no more than a week old, has been spotted in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands swimming alongside its mother. Known as J-50, because it is part of the endangered J pod of southern resident killer whales, its fate is »