Marc Montgomery
Marc Montgomery
With a passion for anything antique with an engine, and for Canadian and world history, Marc comes with a wealth of media experience. After DJ work at private radio in southern Ontario, and with experience in Canadian Forces radio and tv in Europe, the state broadcaster in Austria (Radio 3), and the CBC in Ottawa and Montreal, he was the host of the immensely popular CBC and RCI show, "The Link". He is now part of the new RCI online team producing stories from and about Canada from coast to coast.


Update: Air Force plans to return Cyclones to service after tragic crash

Following an as yet unexplained crash of a miltary CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, the Canadian Forces placed the entire Cyclone fleet on an operational pause. The crash of the aircraft dubbed ‘Stalker-22’, occurred on April 29 as it was returning to »


Statue of Canada’s founder vandalised, again

For the umpteenth time, anonymous vandals have  attacked the downtown Montreal statue of Sir John A Macdonald, the man who was the driving force behind the creation and development of the country and became the first Prime Minister. This is »

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COVID-19: ‘Virus fatigue’- protection measures and concerns weakening

After three months of lockdowns and rules about staying home and social distancing, it seems more people are starting to ignore the advice. Although infection cases seem to be on a decline, health officials are still advising on things like »


Ontario easing restrictions on weddings, funerals

These are two events in people’s lives which normally bring family and friends together in shared and greatly emotional occasions of either joy or sorrow.  But with the arrival of COVID-19 and the emergency lockdowns, these important shared  moments have »

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Canadian military begins slow resumption of overseas missions

As the coronavirus spread, the Canadian military pulled back most of its personnel from various overseas land, sea, and air exercises and missions abroad. Now that the virus situation is easing, a first slow renewal of those missions has begun »


Canada History: Jun 13, 1944: The 13th mission; a posthumous V.C.

It is difficult, no, really impossible, for most of us to imagine climbing into a thin, noisy, cramped aluminium tube and flying hours in freezing air in total darkness to a place where others are doing their best to kill »

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Air Canada chief wants travels restrictions loosened

Calin Rovinescu is the CEO of Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, thinks that the government’s restrictions are now “disproportionate” in light of the ongoing reduction in COVID-19 cases. Quoted by Bloomberg News, he said the government should relax restrictions and »

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Toronto: The fastest growing city (and region) in N. America

The area that stretches around the western end of Lake Ontario has long been known as “the golden horsehoe”, an industrial and economic powerhouse of Canada, with Toronto at the centre and with rich agricultural lands around it, especially in »

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The thorny issue of mandatory vaccinations under discussion

Could this be a precursor to a COVID-19 vaccine debate? While there is no vaccine against COVID-19 in sight, there are a number of vaccines well-established against a variety of illnesses. The issue of making them mandatory has always resulted »

Environment & Animal Life

Montreal’s whale likely killed by ship, veterinarians suggest

At the end of May, a unique sight was to be had in the St Lawrence river at Montreal.  A large humpback whale was seen cavorting in the old port to the delight of many residents who came to see »